Heretics HTML version

Heretics belongs to yet another area of literature at which Chesterton
excelled. A fun-loving and gregarious man, he was nevertheless troubled
in his adolescence by thoughts of suicide. In Christianity he found the
answers to the dilemmas and paradoxes he saw in life. Other books in
that same series include his 1908 Orthodoxy (written in response to at-
tacks on this book) and his 1925 The Everlasting Man. Orthodoxy is also
available as electronic text.
Chesterton died on the 14th of June, 1936 in Beaconsfield, Bucking-
hamshire, England. During his life he published 69 books and at least an-
other ten based on his writings have been published after his death.
Many of those books are still in print. Ignatius Press is systematically
publishing his collected writings.