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Suella looked at Julie Veragones, sitting beside her. A former model, Julie stood
about six feet tall yet probably weighed less than most Rottweilers. She’d worn her
glossy, dark brown hair in an upswept style, curls cascading down her back and lightly
framing the sides of her face. To Suella and anyone else within earshot, she said “I dread
this time of year. School’s out, the kids are home saying “There’s nothing to do, mom!”
Trenna Kyle, a much shorter and curvier woman giggled. “So what’s it to you?
Just put „em out in the pool and tell the nanny you’ll pay her an extra hundred bucks if
they don’t drown.”
They all laughed.
“My brats are gonna be up in Maine until the All-Star break,” Kaitlyn Vogel,
another tall, coltish looking woman said. Kaitlyn had also modeled, referring to it as
“good training” for becoming a trophy wife. “It’s Jeff’s yearly mother’s day present to
me. We send them off to be with grandma and grandpa for a month.”
“That’s so neat,” Maribel Aviles said, speaking for the first time since she’d
arrived. “I thought I’d be the only one with kids. Cincinnati is such a young team.” Her
husband Miguel had arrived in a trade during the winter. Maribel turned to Suella.
“What about you, Sula? How old are your kids?”
All of the women except Maribel looked down at the drinks they cradled between
their fingers. Suella shifted from side to side on her high-heeled sandals. “I don’t have
any children.”
Still smiling, Maribel said “Well, you’re young. There’s still time.”
Suella decided she was going to like the new girl.
Some shouts erupted from around the corner. They all glanced in that direction.