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Lacey Ann Carrigan
8505 Arlington Ave #A46
Riverside CA 92503
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Chapter one
June 2013
When she glanced up at him, she thought, now there’s a man with the weight of
the world on his shoulders. Several young men just like him, dressed in crisp black,
flitted about from table to table, like butterflies. A chandelier twinkled overhead. All
around her, animated conversation among the other women flowed like the fine wine into
the crystal goblets before them. Suella glanced around at the other wives and would
wonder how many thousands of dollars went into the upkeep of the hair and manicures,
the designer sundresses and the brand new shoes. Yet, if she turned around the corner,
she would see the glass partition and the doorway. When she opened the doorway she
would find steps, stadium style plush seats and she would hear the crowd noise drift up
from below, of a bat hitting a ball or the umpire shrieking a “strike” call.