Henrietta: The Story of Love, Tennis, and Taking Chances HTML version

The face of Caesar or a god.
Rome and Apollo perished too,
But the poet’s sovereign songs,
Constant and true,
Survive the postured bronze.
Raymond Denegri
I guess you wind up where you are supposed to because of what you’ve done in the past.
Sometimes you make a conscious decision and it leads to bad results for you. And
sometimes you know you should have done something one way, and you didn’t do it, and
your life didn’t turn out as well for you as it would have if you had done it. You often
need the perspective of time to realize this.
You think of this girl, Kimberley, in Florida though. All she does is she goes to the
dentist, and her dentist who has AIDS, and she doesn’t know he has AIDS, because he
isn’t required to tell her he has AIDS, infects her with AIDS while he is working on her.
How could Kimberley be blamed for the consequence of her decision? She couldn’t but
her decision led to her death all the same.
So what it is is a lot of times you basically make bad decisions because you don’t have
the right information. C.I.A., take note. Well, if I hadn’t made so many bad decisions I
wouldn’t be where I am now: Hugo Weatherbee’s, 8453 Via Barona, La Costa,
California. Huqo has a two bedroom condominium. He has one bedroom. I the other. His
bedroom is a lot bigger than mine, and he has a shower and a bathroom in his bedroom.
My bathroom is down the hall slightly from my bedroom, and I don’t have a shower. I
have a bath. I hate baths. I have never relished soaking in my own gore.
Sometimes when Hugo is not there, or, sometimes in the morning after he has had a
shower, I go in his room to take a shower. It’s almost mysterious in there, because he
always keeps his door shut. I keep the door to my bedroom shut as well. If you want to
know the truth, neither one of us could qualify as the most open, giving guy of the
On one wall of his bedroom is this big huge picture of a leafy forest in autumn. On
another wall is an almost life size photograph of Marilyn Monroe in shorts, high heels,
and a midriff blouse. She’s standing on one leg, and the other leg is bent at the knee, and
the calf is horizontal to the ground.
His sink is a miracle of detritus. There were a couple of cans of Edge Gel shaving cream
with the tops off both of them and the top of the cans were rusty. There was a box of Q-
tips. There were used safety razors. There were stacks and stacks of old pari-mutuel
tickets that I knew he wasn’t saving for tax purposes. They were just there along with the
rest of the detritus. There were two spiral notebooks. One recorded the date he went
jogging and however long it took him to jog or run however long he ran. There were
thousands of entries. Then the other notebook told the date he played someone a tennis