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Henrietta: The Story of Love, Tennis, and Taking Chances

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Published: 4 years ago

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Read the unforgettable novel that the National Review called "... A funny, brash, witty peek at tennis greats!" Meet Charles Killpatrick--knight, mystic, lover, tennis shark, philosopher, gambler, and Renaissance man for whom an iced Dos XX, a good book, a close match, a fast horse, and a scrupulous bookie comprises the good life. Broker in SoCal with a real estate market in full bloom, life of Charles is as smooth as the purr of his BMW. A man whose life, like his tennis service, crowds the line, Charles is in the habit of taking what life serves. Then he meets Henrietta Bounder--a romantic ne'er do well, visionary, woman of God and honor. When Charles joins battle with fate, the score is love all, and the results as unpredictable as the course of a 100 mph Penn spun off the racket of a pro. Download this FREE e-book now!


Funny as hell, but moving, too. Sneaks up on you.


Jon Kyne

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