Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“He was going to kill you.”
She whispered, “I’ve never seen him that mad before.”
“He didn’t deserve to share this planet with you. I just wish it hadn’t come down to…” He quit talking,
his jaw flexing again in anger.
She reached out to touch his arm and ran her fingers along the hard muscles and veins, “Thank you.”
He raised an eyebrow, “You aren’t mad?”
She shook her head and was silent, her mind deep in thought for the next hour.
“Who is Ulrich?”
Chevalier considered not answering for a moment, but then decided against it, “Do you remember the
story I told you about Elizabeth Winchester marrying a heku? The one that started all of this?”
“Ulrich is the one.”
She sat up straighter, “And what’s his claim to me?”
Chevalier glanced at her.
“I heard you talking to Sam.”
He sighed, “He’s been watching over his family. He thinks I may corrupt you.”
“Corrupt me?” She made a face.
He decided not to go into further detail.
“Where is your Coven anyway?” she asked, looking out toward the flat plains.
“I can’t say. It’s safer not to speak of the location.”
“Why is that? No one’s in the car but us.”
“It’s just safer, take my word for it.”