Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series

Left alone with Kyle, she covered her throat with her hand and looked up at him, “Please don’t bite me.”
She was shocked when he laughed, “You are safe with me, Child.”
Kyle glanced out the window then back down to Emily, “Do you need anything? There is some
ibuprofen in the cupboard, or another drink… or food perhaps?”
He seemed so polite, so caring. She wanted to thank him, but it hurt to talk. She nodded and then
panicked when he quickly left the room. She just started to sit up when he returned with 2 pills and a
glass of water in his hand. He helped her slowly to sit up and take the medicine and then returned the ice
pack to her cheek when she laid back down.
Without warning, Kyle picked her up, cradling her in his arms. He stepped out into the fresh air, and she
noticed the sun was setting, it was almost dark.
He opened the door to the black car and laid her down carefully in the seat, reclining it, “I’ll get her some
things to take with you,” he told someone.
“Make it fast. I don’t know how long it will take Ulrich to get here.” It was Chevalier he was talking to.
“Sam?” she managed to say.
Chevalier buckled her into the seat, “He left. We have to get out of here, Em. I’ll explain later.”
She didn’t have the strength to question him, to demand to know what happened to Sam. All she could
focus on was that Keith was dead at the hand of her heku.
Kyle returned with a bag and tossed it behind the seat.
“Stay here, Kyle. I need you to handle damage control. Don’t tell Ulrich anything more than my phone
number. I’ll have more instructions once I get her back to the coven and get her settled. Can you take
care of the ranch on your own?”
“Yes, Sir, if I can use my speed and strength unhindered, it won’t be a problem,” Kyle assured him.
“Use discretion, but do what you can to keep on top of things.”
“And… Keith?” Kyle asked, disgust in his voice.