Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Emily watched the door, waiting for Steven to come for her. Her head began to throb with the tension, it
was taking too long. A noise in the adjacent bedroom made her heart skip a beat, and she readied herself
for an attack. When Chevalier stepped through the doorway, she buried her face in her hands and fought
back the tears.
He sat down on the floor beside her and watched her for a moment, “You did very well.”
“I didn’t do anything but hide in here.” Her words were mumbled beneath her hands.
He smiled, “No, Emily, you fought back… you did just what we were waiting for.”
She risked a glance up at him, “I didn’t do anything.”
He sighed, wondering how she can control something she has no memory of doing.
Things progressed slowly. Emily didn’t seem to be able to control any of her abilities and hadn’t been
able to use it on Steven since the first day. Hours turned into days and those blurred into weeks.
Chevalier called a halt to it all, ordering a day of rest for everyone. The tension in the house had grown
immeasurable, and tempers were beginning to flare.
It irritated Chevalier how much Steven longed for Emily’s blood, how he looked at her and wanted to
touch her. It wasn’t long before Steven began to repress the feelings, hiding them from the Old One and
Emily. It wasn’t helping things that Chevalier hadn’t quenched his thirst in almost four weeks. He found
himself watching Emily’s neck closely, his throat burning with every throb.
Chevalier had ulterior motives for calling a day off. He needed to head back down to civilization to calm
his thirst. With Steven locked in his cage and Emily lounging in the library, he took his leave and flashed
to the snowcat. Watching the home disappear into the trees, he had a sudden pang of guilt. For the first
time, he thought he may be fighting a losing battle, putting both Steven and Emily through unnecessary