Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

She smiled sheepishly, “Are you still going to let me take a shower?”
“Of course, my Dear,” he assured her. He helped her to her feet. The pain seemed to be markedly
improved this morning, and she didn’t turn pale or begin to black out.
“I have the bathroom ready for you. Anything you need should be in the cupboard, but if you are missing
anything, just yell and I will get it.”
She nodded and followed him to the bathroom. The bathroom was larger than her bedroom on the ranch.
Its soft peach colors were in contrast to the man beside her, who always wore black. The room was warm
and well lit, comfortable. There was a large jetted garden tub in the center of the granite tiled floor and a
double shower in the corner. She watched as he walked out and shut the door. As she locked the door
behind him, she thought she heard him chuckle.
He was still laughing to himself as he neared his study. He stepped inside and shut the door, glad that he
soundproofed this one room. The small silver cell phone was in his hand in an instant and moments later
she answered.
“Warwick Consolidation,” Storm answered.
Chevalier grinned. He always thought it was funny when she used the façade for his business number,
“Storm, it’s me.”
“Oh, Sir!” She sounded relieved, “I’m so glad you called, everyone’s trying to get a hold of you. There
are news crews just off of the island…”
He cut her off, “News crews?”
He could hear her sigh, “Yes, it’s all been a big mess. Lord Ulrich tried for a few days to contact you
when Emily went missing. When he couldn’t get through to you, he had Sam point the finger at you for
her disappearance. That led them here.”
A low growl escaped him, “You can tell Ulrich that I will call him when I feel like it and not before.
What have the news crews said?”
“Nothing out of the ordinary. No one here will talk to them and they haven’t found anything bad about
the company,” she assured him.