Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

The voices were all around her in the dark forest. She couldn’t make out what the whispers were saying,
but they were growing louder as she ran, desperate to get away from them. Chevalier was ahead of her
in the clearing, but she couldn’t reach him. He beckoned to her with his hand. She could see his mouth
moving, but he was too far away to hear what he was saying.
They were getting closer, closing in on her from all directions. She could finally make out what they were
chanting, and the words brought a new horror to the dark. It wasn’t her they wanted, it was Chevalier.
She had to get to him, to warn him, but her feet were moving in slow motion.
She screamed for him, if he would just run…
“Emily,” he said, sitting on the side of her bed.
She looked up at him, her breathing rapid. The realization that it was a dream wasn’t sudden, it came
through the fog of her mind.
“Emily, what’s wrong?” he asked, his words hurried and concerned.
She couldn’t answer him, couldn’t pull her mind clear of the medicated slowness.
Chevalier reached down and pulled her into a cradle on his lap, then held her close as she shivered, “Tell
me what’s wrong.”
She buried her head into his chest, trying to block out the voices from the dream.
He sighed heavily, “Was it a nightmare?”
She nodded, refusing to pull her face away from the comfort of his chest.
He gently ran his fingers through her hair, “It’s ok. It’s over now.”
He held her for longer than he expected she would let him. At one point, he was able to shut his eyes and
focus on her, her scent, her breathing, and her heart beat. The sounds were comforting to him somehow.
At long last, she sat up and looked around the room.