Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“You can’t be sure of that! For all I know, they abandoned my animals and left them to fend for
He sighed, “Would you feel better if I make a call and have them checked on?”
“No, I would feel better if you would let me go.”
“Not yet.” The tone of his voice indicated that that part of the discussion was over, “I will make some
calls in the morning. For now, it’s time for you to get some rest.”
“No pain meds,” she told him sternly.
“Emily, I’ve told you, the doctor said you need all of the doses so you can heal and get some rest.”
“I won’t let you.”
Her stubbornness never ceased to catch him off guard, “You know there’s nothing you can do about it.
Things would be easier if you would just sit still and take it.”
“Please.” Her soft voice made Chevalier hesitate a bit.
“Emily, think of it this way… each day you are getting stronger. Will you take the Morphine willingly if
I promise that when you wake up you can take a hot shower and get dressed? I’ll even show you around
the house.”
Her breathing started to pick up, matching her racing heartbeat, “No, please don’t.” Panic filled the air.
Chevalier made a split second decision just to get it over with. Emily barely had time to fight back, and
when it was over, she quickly fell into the darkness.
After pulling on his parka, he headed out to the snowcat. He had to find something to quench this thirst,
to help keep the beast at bay. He noted the time, he had about 8 hours to get into the tiny town of Meeker,
find a donor, willing or not, and get back before she started to stir again. He watched the dark house as
the snowcat made its way into the night. His heart sank at the thought of leaving Emily alone, but he
didn’t see as though he had a choice.