Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Yes, Ma’am, I can,” Jerry said, watching her closely. The man standing next to him was scanning the
barn with an odd look on his face and his hands slowly curled into tight fists.
“Great, then you and I will head out,” Emily said, and started putting a saddle on a beautiful Arabian
Jerry looked at her carefully. His keen senses focused on her while his guard studied the barn, trying to
determine why the lingering scent of his own kind would be there. Her long red hair and fierce green
eyes gave away her Irish heritage. She was a small woman, petite, but exquisitely beautiful. His eyes
picked up the fading trace of a bruise on her cheek, something that would already be invisible to the
human eye.
Emily led the horse out to him, “Will your friend be ok here in the barn for a while?”
Jerry smiled, “Yes, he’ll be fine.”
Emily swiftly hoisted herself, bareback, onto a painted mare. He noticed how natural and graceful she
was on the horse, something that only came when you’ve been raised on one. He mounted the Arabian
and turned the horse towards her.
“Let’s go then,” Emily said, and frowned slightly at his friend, who was glancing around the barn as if
looking for something.
Jerry kicked his horse softly and followed Emily out of the barn and toward the pasture. A Border collie
and a Blue Healer fell in behind her and began to nip playfully at each other. After only a few minutes,
he saw the large herd of Angus cattle they were heading towards. Emily was a few yards ahead of him,
so he studied her again. In the heat, she pulled her hair back off of her neck briefly and he caught a
glimpse that made him frown and his heart pounded in his chest.
Her voice brought him out of his intense concentration, “You’re not from here, I’m guessing Texas?”
Jerry nodded, “Yes, we’re from Texas.”
“What brings you up to Montana for cows then?”
“I come for the best,” he said, and grinned when she blushed slightly. “Might I ask you a personal