Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Emily stretched out on the large bed and realized she was alone. She sat up and searched the bedroom,
but didn’t see him. She sighed and laid back down, the bed felt amazing this morning and she didn’t want
to get up. Only a few minutes later, she stumbled out of bed and ran into the bathroom.
Morning sickness had gotten stronger over the last few days and she’d spent a good part of her day sitting
on the cold tile floor. Chevalier didn’t know, she’d managed to keep it from him. She was afraid of how
he would react even though it was perfectly normal.
“Em?” Chevalier called into the room.
Emily cleared her throat and called back to him, “Will be out in a sec.”
“I have some breakfast for you, Gordon sent up biscuits and gravy.” She heard the sound of a tray being
placed on the small table by the fire.
Emily fought against the lurch in her stomach at the thought of gravy, but it was too much and she turned
back to the toilet.
“Emily?” She heard him run into the bathroom, his voice was worried.
“Go away,” she managed to finally say.
“Can I get you something?” He knelt down by her as she laid her cheek on the cold tile floor.
“Get that food out of here,” she told him and shut then her eyes.
Chevalier sighed, “Maybe you should see the doctor.”
“I’m fine. Just don’t bring food into the bedroom.” She wished he would leave so she could take a nap on
the cold floor.
He was out the door and removed the tray from the room, then returned to her side before she even
realized he’d left.