Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

The doors opened and in walked Lord Ulrich. He was obviously one of the Old Ones, and as he looked at
Chevalier, his eyes were scrutinizing. He wore the black suit and conspicuous black cape that had long
been abandoned in the new world. Behind him were six well-dressed heku, obviously the top ranks of his
He stood at the table and one of them removed his cloak and pushed a chair up for him. As he sat down,
they formed a semi-circle of protection around him. Last to walk in was Sam. He was still dressed in
denim overalls and looked quite out of place with the others in the room. He shut the door behind him
and sat down at Ulrich’s right.
Chevalier eyed Sam suspiciously.
“I am Lord Ulrich von Weiskgaard, head of the Debalih Coven. I know who you are… so now I ask a
simple question… What are you doing with Emily Russo?”
Chevalier narrowed his eyes, “Seven of you, how remarkable. So tell me, how long have you known of
the existence of this killer here in the middle of North America?”
Ulrich’s eyes widened, “How dare you address me so!”
Chevalier grinned mirthlessly, “I dare much. I was burned at the stake with the Templar. I enjoyed a
Bloodbath in Jerusalem. I have been around much longer than any of your whelps in attendance here. I
daresay that the insolence, if there is such, lies on the part of old world covens that’ve apparently hidden a
violation of the Pact into some place where they believed that they could hide it indefinitely.”
Ulrich glared at him.
Chevalier sat at the conference table and propped his feet up, “Nonetheless, we must take this opportunity
to deal with the issue.”
One of the young heku slapped Chevalier boots off the table, “You will not address Lord Ulrich in that
Chevalier stood up, his hands in fists, “I will address him in any way I see fit.”
Ulrich smiled with a gleam in his eyes. Chevalier tried to remember where he had seen those eyes.