Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Chevalier’s phone rang softly as he lie in bed, thinking about what had transpired. He hesitated, then
answered, “Yes, Storm?”
She sounded nervous, very uncharacteristic for her, “Sir, are you in trouble?”
“No, why?” He sounded tired and still strained from the pain earlier.
“I had a phone call from one of the Old Ones.” She paused to see if he responded, but then continued,
“It’s Lord Ulrich von Weiskgaard, from the Valle. He wants to meet with you immediately.”
Chevalier frowned slightly. He was one of the Old Ones, so why did she seem so nervous? “About?”
“He won’t say, Sir, but he did mention that the meeting need not include any of the rest of the Council.”
He thought that sounded odd, but agreed, “Very well, where shall we meet?”
“Lord Ulrich is in Great Falls.”
He shook his head, wondering what could be up now, “Ok, tell him to meet me in the conference room at
my hotel in 1 hour.”
“Yes, Sir…” She hesitated, and then hung up.
Chevalier tried to clear his head, but his thoughts kept turning back to Emily. She had unknowingly tried
to kill him tonight, yet he still felt the urge to protect her. He noticed, frustratingly, that even as his
thoughts were trying to focus on the upcoming meeting, they still held her image closely as if trying to
bring her to him. The very thought of her brought his instincts forward and he longed for another taste of
her blood.
The concierge booked the room for him easily. It was always amazing what a simple $100 bill would do
to a mortal. He sat at the head of the table and watched the clock, anxious to get this meeting over with
so he could get back on track at the ranch.