Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Kyle and Chevalier stepped back to the walls of the barn and watched.
Emily wrapped her hands around the mare’s neck, “Good morning, Girl,” she whispered. Patra bit at
Emily’s long red hair and she laughed.
After a few minutes, Kyle and Chevalier left the barn and met Travis at the door.
“Stay by the door, don’t go into the barn unless there’s trouble,” Chevalier told Travis.
Travis nodded and turned back to watch the barn.
It wasn’t long before Emily felt the old exhilaration that working with the animals brought her. She let
the horses out into the corral and watched the colt play for a while before going in to grab some hay for
the cows. She felt her neck wound pull painfully as she lifted the bale of hay and cursed when she felt the
bandages. Blood was soaking through them. She decided to deal with that later and loaded a new salt
lick by the hay. The ATV ride was always fun and she enjoyed it today, as well. She inhaled deeply and
Chevalier came out of his office and looked around the castle. Things were going smoothly. Nothing had
happened to cause concern in over two months. He headed up to Emily’s room to see if she was there. He
had trained his senses enough not to feel the common emotions she experienced, which lately, was
constantly. He was also able to hear voices from her dreams, and found it fascinating.
She wasn’t in her room, but the heavy curtains were tied to the side and bright sunlight filtered in from
the balcony door. He stepped onto the balcony and looked out over the grass, then froze as his eyes fell
onto the three figures on the lawn.
Emily was lying down on her back on the thick green grass. Travis was on top of her, his teeth at her neck
as Kyle stood aside and watched. Fury raged through him as he jumped from the second story balcony