Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Chevalier started to laugh, “I’ve never seen a more shocked group of heku. When you came in with only
a t-shirt on and sat down by the accused, I thought the entire room was going to twitch to death. Had you
been immortal, they would have kicked you out themselves, but by my orders, they were afraid to even
look at you, though who could help it.”
Emily watched as he laughed and had to kind of smile at the mental image.
“You really are too attractive to be living. It should be a crime against humanity to have you near men.”
He laughed harder when the blush rose to her cheeks.
Once he’d calmed down, he brushed his lips lightly across hers and kissed the nape of her neck, “Why
don’t you get some sleep now, it’s late.”
She nodded and laid down. He crawled in next to her and she curled against his chest, falling asleep
Chevalier came back from a long day out in his study and found Emily’s bed empty. He glanced at the
clock and saw that it was only 3am. Kyle was away on a two-week long mission and Emily hadn’t let
Chevalier replace him so her ante-chamber was also empty. He caught her emotions and she was upset
and worried, which made the need to find her more pressing. He smelled for her, but her scent was faint,
she hadn’t been in the ante-chamber in hours.
“Find Emily,” he ordered into the air, and the sound of scrambling feet echoed through the castle.
It was only five minutes before he heard a voice on the wind whisper, “Barn.”
He appeared in the barn seconds later and walked around to Patra’s stall. Patra was lying on the clean
straw, panting, and Emily was at her side rubbing the mare’s tummy. He suddenly understood.
“How is she doing?” he asked from outside the stall.