Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Emily raised her head and glanced around, checking to make sure no one was watching. She reached
around and untied her top and pulled it off, tossing it to the side. Laying back down, she shut her eyes
and relaxed.
She yelped when hands gently caressed her exposed breasts and then she grinned when she saw Chevalier
had joined her.
“You really shouldn’t sneak up on me,” she reminded him as he pressed against her.
“You really should keep your clothes on.” He grinned and began kissing her neck.
“I thought I was alone,” she said as she shivered, his hands tracing soft patterns in her skin.
He didn’t answer. His mouth was pressed firmly to hers.
Scooping up her swimsuit, she handed it to Chevalier and tightened the towel around her, “Take that back
and tell her I would prefer a one-piece that you can’t see through.”
Chevalier smiled, “No way, I liked that one.”
She smiled and walked toward the door, then felt a hand on her shoulder, “Kyle’s out there.”
Emily turned around and looked down at herself, “I’m covered.”
Chevalier stepped back and eyed the towel, “Yes you are, but poor Kyle, you’re going to drive him mad.”
“How so?”
“We’re men, Emily, it’s obvious you are only wearing a towel.”
“He’ll live… I’m more covered in this towel than in that so-called swimsuit,” she said, pushing on the
door. She’d forgotten how heavy the door was when it opened for her.