Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Keep the blindfold on, Em,” Kyle said. He was leading her carefully down a hallway.
“It’s hard to walk… are we close?” she asked, with her hands outstretched.
“Yes… very.”
She felt his hands leave her arm and heard a door open. He led her inside and the warm mugginess of the
room seemed odd.
“Ready?” Kyle asked.
“Sure,” she said as he lifted the blindfold.
“Ooh… Kyle!” she gasped as she looked out over the swimming pool. It was full of sparkling blue water
and the hot tub bubbled in the corner.
She threw her arms around him, “Thank you!”
“Margaret put a swimming suit in the dressing room. I’ll be outside this door if you need me. Just enjoy
your swim and don’t drown or Chevalier will kill me.” He shut the door with a grin.
Emily ran to the dressing room and undressed. She didn’t even complain as she put on the tiny sheer
swimsuit and hurried out to the pool, dipped in one toe, and then dove in when she felt how warm it was.
The water felt incredible against her skin. She’d always felt comfort from water, and the room was so
warm everything was perfect. For over an hour she swam, from one end to the next, feeling the way her
muscles strained against the water as she swam laps.
Out of breath, she floated on the water a bit and then eyed the hot tub with its inviting steam. She
climbed out of the pool and shook her head as she passed the mirror, “Only Margaret would put me in a
see-through swimming suit.” She laughed to herself and crawled into the bubbly water.
The warm jets pounded against her skin and she relaxed, laying her head back against the side of the tub.
She breathed deeply, taking in the scent of chlorine and the warm feeling of the air.