Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

He stiffened, not sure exactly where this was going, “Were you going to give it a go?”
She laughed, “No, just curious.”
For a few seconds he debated. He felt she had the right to know, but also feared an irrational bout of
emotions might drive her to it, “Why?”
“Curiosity sake is all.” She kissed his neck lightly.
“You aren’t playing fair,” he said, grinning. “Fine… the bond is automatically broken when one of the
two of them die. It’s also broken after any infidelity or harsh betrayal.”
She frowned, “So when I die you’re free to marry again?”
He fought to keep his composure. He had thought about that a lot lately and he wasn’t sure he could stay
awake if she were gone. He was planning an eternity of stasis when she died, “If I would choose to.”
He wished she’d say more than that, but her thoughts changed pattern, “You aren’t upset that I can’t have
He felt her stiffen slightly beneath his arms, “Not at all. I wouldn’t have gotten mad had it happened, but
I’ve never seen myself as a father. It’s so rare for a heku to do it that it’s ludicrous to consider it.”
“Still, when we got married, it had to have crossed your mind?”
“Maybe… but we hadn’t discussed it. I wasn’t sure if you even wanted children.” He kissed the top of
her head.
She looked up at him and grinned.
“What?” He smiled back.
“Want to practice though?” She was on her back before she could laugh.