Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

With the cattle fed, she headed into the barn and began mucking out Patra’s stall. She kept turning
around, the feeling of being watched was stronger in here. She dripped with sweat as she cleaned the stall
meticulously and then re-filled it with clean straw. Once there was clean water and fresh oats, she went
out to the cow pasture to get Patra, who was munching lazily on hay.
Patra saw Emily coming and stepped away from her.
“Come on, Patra, it’s time to go back inside,” Emily said, walking casually up to the horse.
Patra reared slightly and took a step back.
Emily frowned, “What’s wrong girl?”
She reached a hand out to her, but again, Patra moved away.
“You ole pregnant fool, come back here,” she called, running after Patra when the horse took off.
Chevalier was glad he was a long ways off in the barn, he was laughing.
Emily got just a few feet from Patra and was able to grab the bridle finally. Patra nipped at the rim of her
hat, “Stop that,” she told her, and started to walk.
She landed on her butt on the hard ground as Patra set her feet and wouldn’t move. Emily stood up and
pulled harder at the reins, but Patra only looked down at her. She finally walked over to the horse, “What
is your problem today?”
Emily pulled hard against the reins, and Patra took one step and then stopped and whinnied.
“Come on!”
She leaned back, her entire body pulling against the stubborn mare, “Fine… be that way.”
Emily left Patra out and headed back for the barn, “Stay out here all night, see if I care,” she called back,
but the mare was already pulling at the grass.
When Emily got into the barn, she took off her hat and slammed it into the ground, growling. The tiniest
noise escaped Chevalier as he laughed from his perch above her. She spun toward the back of the barn,
but didn’t see anyone. Giving up, she kicked her hat at the wall and stormed off to the house.