Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I wish I could make you see how insignificant that one lie was… I know how repulsive that was to you,
but in my world, it’s beautiful to share of each other. The feeling that I’m tied to you so deeply is
incredible and I’m intoxicated by its power.”
Chevalier sat in his study with his eyes closed. He was concentrating on Emily, and could feel how she
went from alone and confused to almost exhilarated. He tried to concentrate, tried to focus to find the
source of the change, but he wasn’t quite able to get it. He suspected, that over time, the bond would
become stronger and he may be able to tell her thoughts or to see through her eyes. Now, though, he
relished in the feeling of completeness and of belonging that engulfed her. It was too much, he had to
know what she was doing that had filled her so completely with joy.
He wasn’t surprised to find the small guestroom to be empty, but he was able to track her out to the barn.
He stood against the barn door and watched her work. He was surprised that that small body could work
as she did and was fascinated by how doing so made her feel. Chevalier smiled as she took a pitchfork
full of hay and tossed it onto the ground in front of some of the cattle. She slipped off the cowboy hat she
wore and ran her sleeved arm along her brow. He didn’t like how the cowboy hat shaded her eyes, he
preferred when he could see them.
Chevalier quietly slipped back into the shadows of the barn when Emily glanced in his direction. Her
human senses weren’t too off, the feeling she was being watched was correct, but when she couldn’t see
anyone, she turned back to work.
Emily was enjoying being out with her cattle again. She was able to release her mind and focus on them.
She liked how her muscles strained beneath the heavy hay and looked forward to the soreness it would
bring the next day. She was doing more than normal, somehow the pain caused her mind forget the
deception. She groaned slightly under the weight of the hay on the pitchfork, but was still able to push
herself to throw it.