Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I wasn’t honest with you about the bonding ceremony, and I’m sorry. I was trying to make it easier on
“Yeah, how’d that work for you?” she snapped.
He just shook his head, “What we didn’t know… myself included, is that when it was over, we were
bonded more strongly than I ever imagined. I can feel your hatred toward me and pain at what happened
with Kyle. You shouldn’t have to feel such things.”
“What do you mean you can feel it?” She was still watching out the window.
“I don’t know, exactly. I haven’t before heard of a mortal and an immortal going through the bonding
together, maybe it’s normal. It’s like every part of me is in tune with every part of you. I can feel your
emotions, I can more clearly smell the blood from the cut on your head. It’s amazing to be able to be that
close to you.” His voice was soft.
“We’ll see how strongly that tie is when I’m in California,” she mumbled.
“Yeah, the place in the U.S. that’s furthest from this island,” she said wryly.
“Please, Emily. I can feel how you aren’t joking.”
She spun on him and the anger in her eyes shocked him, “You don’t lie to people you love, you don’t
deceive those you care about. You are so wound up in getting everything you want that you would step
on anyone to get it. I can’t... no, I won’t, live with that.”
“It wasn’t like that,” he sighed as she turned back to the window. “I was honestly trying to make it easier
for you. I knew you couldn’t drink blood, it’s not in your nature, so I made it easier for you.”
She huffed.
“How can I make this up to you? What can I do to get you to stay?” He was on his knees beside her.
“I don’t know if I can ever trust you again,” she said, her voice was starting to crack.