Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

She didn’t see the pained expression that drifted briefly across his face, “I see… well Kyle may not be
available today.”
“Why is that?” Emily asked, and then thanked the heku who handed her a plate of hot pancakes.
“There’s still some security to go over. We also think there might be an informant among us. He’ll try to
ascertain who that might be.” He was watching her eat.
She looked over at him, “What will you do to them if you find one?”
Chevalier smiled, “Let’s say you and I go riding today.”
She nodded, knowing he was avoiding her question.
After breakfast, they walked together out to the barn. The horses weren’t ready for the ride today, all
hands were busy cleaning up from the small battle. Emily put a bridle on Patra and led her out into the
barn as Chevalier fit a saddle to the buckskin mare.
She effortlessly slid onto Patra, bareback, and waited for Chevalier to mount up.
Emily clicked her tongue and Patra began to walk forward. It was warm out this afternoon, so she slipped
off her sweater, aware that she was again being watched. She led the way to the tree-line and then
followed the curve of trees out to the beach. They kept the pace slow. She wasn’t sure she could handle a
gallop as she was still recovering from the double pneumonia. Chevalier didn’t care how fast they
moved, he spent most of his time watching her.
“You miss your ranch don’t you?” he asked as they set out along the beach.
She nodded.
“Would you like me to get you some livestock here?” He suddenly realized how easily that could be
Emily turned and looked at him, “Really?”
He nodded and smiled.
“With no servants… all mine?” she questioned.