Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

She felt someone sit beside her and take her hand, it was Kyle, “Don’t worry, Emily, ok? Things are
under control.”
“Then tell me! I’m already worrying.”
He sighed, “The Island is under attack.”
“What? By who?” she gasped.
“Other…” he paused, “Heku.”
“Another coven is attacking?”
“Not exactly.”
“Is it Ulrich?” Her mind was trying to wrap around it.
Emily just shook her head, “Then who is it? Who would want to attack?”
“Our world is as riddled with wars and hatred as yours. Chevalier has made a lot of enemies in his years,
and grudges aren’t easily forgotten. We are ok, though. This coven is ready to fight.” She could feel him
sit up taller.
Emily stood up, “Then I should fight with them.”
Kyle’s smile seeped into his voice, “They fight with teeth, Em. You can’t fight against that as a mortal.”
“I can too! I’m stronger than you think.” She tried to find her way to the door in the dark, but all she
could feel were the wet, cold stone walls.
Cool hands took her arm and led her back to the chair, “Nevertheless, we have orders to stay down here
with you.”
“Oh great, just what I bet you all wanted to do while your city is under attack, protect the human,” she
yelled at them, and was infuriated when the three heku with her chuckled.
“Please, Kyle, I can help, you have to trust me.” She noticed things had gotten quiet as Kyle placed his
hand over her mouth.