Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“It is.” She coughed hard and then turned back to him.
“But… he stays out in the ante-chamber while you sleep.”
“I don’t like to be alone at night.” She lowered her eyes again, a little embarrassed.
Chevalier moved closer and kissed her forehead, “Who says you will be alone?”
He laughed when the blush returned to her cheeks.
He grinned, “Enough already, finish eating and lay down.”
With not quite half of the food gone, she laid back onto the bed and cuddled down. Sitting up for so long
had really made her tired and it was only a few minutes before she fell asleep.
A dream jerked her awake and she looked around the dark room, suddenly feeling cold and alone.
“Chev?” she called into the darkness, but it was Kyle’s voice that responded.
“He stepped out, Em, are you ok?” He stayed a few feet back from her bed.
“I’m ok, just a nightmare.” She patted edge of the bed beside her.
Kyle didn’t move at all toward her. He used to sit beside her while she slept, but she understood how
Chevalier had probably put an immediate stop to that.
Kyle smiled at her, “You got me demoted.”
She gasped, “I did? How?”
“From the head of my own guard unit… to babysitter.” His voice was light and amused.
“Ugh, babysitter…” She lay back on the bed and rolled away from him. He chuckled and returned to the
chair by the fire.