Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“You’ve done it now, Slut, now he’ll know how dirty you are.” Keith smiled at her, his eyes empty and
rotting. He took a step toward her, and she turned and ran naked through the trees.
“Run all you want, you can’t run from your whoring life. You can’t run from him knowing the truth
about you,” Keith called as he ran after her.
“Did he say he loved you? I think not, do you know why? Because he feels pity for you! Who else would
take you if he won’t? I’ll tell you... no one, Emily. No one wants you because you are ugly and
worthless.” His voice echoed through the trees.
She screamed as his cold dead hands clamped against her arm.
“Shhhhh, Em, it’s ok.” Chevalier was pressed against her side with one arm draped over her. She could
feel his body against hers and she remembered.
Emily tensed under his arm and began to pull away when she realized she wasn’t dressed, and the
pounding in her head was growing worse after the dream.
“No you don’t… you aren’t leaving,” Chevalier told her, and his arm held her to the bed.
“I need to go,” she said, again trying to get up.
Chevalier kissed her shoulder lightly, “Go where?”
“Please… let me up.” She pried at his hand.
“Tell me where, and if I think it’s a good enough reason, then I’ll let you go.” He moved his hand to
wrap it around her.
Emily pulled the blanket up higher to cover herself, but Chevalier grabbed it and lowered it again
“Stop it,” he said lightly.