Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Chevalier shrugged, “Fine, but I will tell you something… Keith was a liar and a manipulator. If you
believe a single thing he ever said to you, then you are a fool.”
Her glance turned to a glare, “And you don’t know what you are talking about. Keith knew me for 9
years before you came along. I am pretty sure he had a good idea about me.”
“An idea that I plan to disprove.” He leaned closer to her, his eyes suddenly amused.
Emily brought her knees up to her chest.
“Stop it,” he ordered.
She looked up at him with wide eyes, “What?”
“Stop pulling yourself into a ball!” His fists were clenched.
She thought for a moment and then wrapped her arms around her knees, watching him, “I thought I
wasn’t a subordinate.”
“You aren’t, but you are in my care and when you wrap yourself into your protective little ball, it shows
how insecure you are and I won’t have it. I won’t have you hiding your body from me. I won’t have you
pretending no one looks at you, and no one values you. I’m tired of watching you beat yourself up over
it.” He quickly moved over to her, picked her up gently in his arms, and pressed his lips to hers.
Emily didn’t hesitate and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, winding her fingers through his hair.
His lips were soft and sent warm shivers up her spine. She felt herself being laid down on the bed, then
his heavy body pressed against hers. As his tongue pried her lips open and began to explore her mouth,
her body tensed, the panic setting in. She tried to move out from under him, pushing against his chest
with her hands, but he didn’t move.
She turned her face away from him, “Stop, Chev.”
His voice trembled with anger, “Not tonight, Em, you aren’t pushing me away tonight.”
“Please, let me go,” she protested as he ran his soft tongue up the length of her neck and began kissing
along her jaw line. She shivered, and inhaled sharply, submitting to him.