Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I do wish you would stay. I promise to behave.” Though his voice didn’t show it, he was beginning to
panic. He envisioned all of the things that could hurt her, and he fought to conceal a growl that erupted
from deep within him.
“Sure, why don’t I wait around while you sweet talk me up and then attack me anyway?” She headed out
the door after grabbing her gun.
Chevalier appeared in the barn as the dodge pickup spun out and pulled away from the ranch quickly. He
instantly picked up the smell of numerous heku and frowned. Jerry was right, the smell was disturbing
and out of the ordinary. He soon found the mentioned coal shed and reached down to touch the ashes,
then brought some to his nose and smelled it before dropping them back onto the floor.
He went back into the barn and looked up toward the loft. He climbed the ladder quickly and his eyes
narrowed as he caught the fresh scent of a wild heku, one of his own kind that had turned themselves over
completely to their instincts, leaving all signs of humanity behind them. He ran back to his car and called
the Council to fill them in on what he’d seen so far. They instructed him to try to get more information,
so he sat back to wait for morning. Emily’s husband returned early in the morning, but he continued to
wait for her.
Chevalier saw her truck return to the ranch shortly after dawn and he got out of his car, almost
immediately appearing in the barn’s loft. He sat on a cot and watched out the small window that
overlooked the house.
She pulled the truck up in front of the ranch house and jumped out, smiling widely as she ran to the front
steps. Seated there was an elderly man with an archaic Stetson perched crookedly on his head. He was
slumped over slightly in a wheelchair.
Emily bent down, “I’m back, Dad.”