Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Do you, therefore, deny that Emily Russo is a direct descendant of the Winchester family and thereby
capable of powers beyond both mortal and heku?”
Ulrich glanced quickly at Chevalier and glared, “I do deny that. She has shown no powers beyond any
mortal. The abilities mentioned died out a long time ago.”
“Are those your findings also, Chief Enforcer?” Selest asked, and looked down at him.
“It’s inconclusive at this time, which is why I want to keep her in my care, where she can live safely and I
can learn whatever talents she may have.” Chevalier avoided looking at Ulrich, afraid their secret may be
given away with a glance.
“She is my granddaughter! If she has any abilities, it should be I that find them. I can teach her how to
control them, I can teach her how to use them,” Ulrich said, pleading. He knew that as an enemy, the
Elders would not see his view.
“She doesn’t want to live with you.” Chevalier raised his voice and the Elders motioned for both of them
to sit again.
“I won’t tell you again, both of you will stay calm in this court room!” Elder Leonid said, and both
complied immediately.
The entire room was suddenly quiet. No sound at all could be heard as the Elders debated silently. After
almost an hour, Elder Selest stood up.
“It is our decision to allow Chevalier to continue to monitor the situation and report back to this Council,
and we, in turn, will keep Lord Ulrich informed.” She sat down when she was finished talking.
Chevalier sighed and turned to Ulrich, his eyes burning with fury. Without addressing them further,
Chevalier quickly left the court room, anxious to avoid a confrontation.
The ferry couldn’t move fast enough for Chevalier. He worried about how long the court session had
lasted. He told her he would be gone only a few days, but he had been gone for a week. He knew he