Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

Emily nodded and lay back on the bed, pulling the covers tight around her. Kyle stood up to return to his
chair, “Wait, Kyle, sit with me.”
The look on Chevalier’s face as he demanded they stay away from her flashed into his mind. Chevalier
also told them to give her whatever she wanted. He saw both sides and decided he would rather face
Emily’s wrath, than the Chief Enforcer. He looked down to tell her no and noticed her pleading eyes, and
how her whole body shook with fear.
He lowered his shoulders and sat down on the edge of the bed, as far from her as he could get. It wasn’t
long before she was asleep again.
“It does give me a right! She is my blood, my family.” Ulrich slammed his fist down on the granite
“That gives you the right to nothing! She’s an adult woman, who chose to stay with me.” Chevalier’s
eyes blazed with fury.
“I have the inherent right to protect my offspring. Does the Council deny that right?” He looked up at the
“We do not deny that you have some rights, as far as family is concerned, but our decision has not yet
been made. Now I suggest you both sit down and keep your tempers under control. To think this is all
over a mortal!” The only female Elder, Selest, looked down at them from the platform. She glanced to
the two men on her left, and they nodded, astonished that two heku were fighting over a mortal.
“I will ask this one more time… Lord Ulrich, what do you benefit from having Emily Russo live with
your coven?” The smaller of the male Elders asked.
“I benefit by having complete protection of one of my offspring,” he stated plainly.