Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series HTML version

calling out to her in patronizing tones. It was Keith, he was coming for her, his cold, dead hands just
inches from her neck.
“No!” she screamed, hoping someone, anyone could hear.
“What are you screaming for, Slut? You owe me… you owe me my life and I’m going to take it out of
you.” Keith was slurring his words like he’d been drinking.
She pushed herself harder to try to get ahead of him.
“You wait till he fucks you, Em. You wait until he sees what a slut you are, the dirty whoring slut.” His
hand touched her hair briefly, “I kept you around because I felt sorry for you, you know that? No one
will want you, Emily, no one!”
His hands touched her arm…
“No!” Emily screamed, clawing at the cold hands on her arm.
“Emily,” Kyle said softly. “It’s ok.”
Her eyes adjusted to the dark quickly and she saw Kyle’s face. He was afraid and touching her arm softly.
It was Kyle that had touched her, not Keith.
Kyle sat on the edge of the bed and gasped when she fell into him, pressing her face against his chest to
block out the images of Keith in the dream.
He hesitated and then wrapped his arms around her lightly, “It was just a dream. Keith isn’t back.”
“How did you…”
“You were talking in your sleep. I apologize for listening, but it’s hard to block it out when you are
screaming.” He sounded truly sorry and she’d heard that before, it must be true.
She grabbed onto his shirt, her hands shaking, “Are you positive? What if he’s a heku now? He’ll come
back and kill me.”
“He’s not one of us, that I can promise you.” Kyle fought back the grin.