Heaven vs Hell HTML version

Chapter One
The 1st Cut
September 10th 2012, Cherry Falls, Washington.
Holly Adams pushed open the porch door.
Outside the rain pelleted off the tarmac. She pulled on her pale pi nk hat, pressed play on
her I-pod then stepped out into the wet, crisp air. Holly loved the rain. She knew that she
was alone in that respect. She loved the way it made everything sparkle.
“Hey you!” A girl with shaggy blonde, shoulder length hair, and sharp facial features
shouted at her from across the street. Holly pulled out her earphones and wrapped them
around her music player, putting both into her left coat pocket. “You know what I was just
thinking?” The girl said as she joined Holly. “Friday we should have a back-to-school party.
What do you think?” Holly shook her head in amusement. “Jo you have a party for
“So? There's nothing wrong with partying.”
“She having another one already? I swear Jo, your parents must hate you!” A boy joined in
their conversation. He walked behind them. Jo turned around still walking and stuck out
her tongue at him. He rolled his eyes at her. “Just for that Ricky Anderson your not invited.”
“Oh no, whatever will I do!” He mocked.
Jo and Ricky had been Holly's best friends since like forever. It always bothered Holly how
none of them could remember how they had first met.
“So Holly feel any different?” Jo asked her.
Holly just tossed her a confused glance.
“About being a senior, you know, we-like rule the school now.” Jo said with a glint in her
Holly laughed. “Your not going to be mean to the newbies. Are you?”
“Of course. It's a senior's hard earned right.”
“Your nasty Jo.” Ricky chimed in.
Jo turned and slapped him on the arm, “Not as nasty as you Anderson.”
Holly tuned out. They always acted this way. She had always thought that they would have
made a great couple.
They turned the corner and Cherry Falls High School loomed in front of them.
It was a pretty, red brick, four storey building. The town's founders had planted big oak
trees next to the entrance which provided great cover from the summer sun. And protected
from the hail and wind in the winter. At the steepest central tower of the school which
overlooked the entrance, hung a large stone clock that after a couple hundred years still
kept perfect time.
As they crossed the street towards the building. Holly heard a squealing of tyres and loud
black metal music, as a Black Ford pick up truck came flying along the road towards them.
Holly called out and grabbed hold of her friends arms and dragged them to safety. The pick
up came to a stop at the school and out jumped a large youth. He had a skinhead and was
as big as a body builder. Andy Black. The baddest guy in Cherry Falls. A few years back
Andy had tried to rob a bank in nearby Green-fields. He had bungled it and the cops had
caught him trying to escape on a pink peddle bike. Not the brightest light bulb, but still