Heaven vs Hell HTML version

to the concrete roof, turning his back to shield himself from the worst of it.
“A decision has all ready been made.” The voice that had spoken had a magical edge to it.
The gust died down. Michael turned and saw Castillo standing in front of them. He
radiated power. His shockingly white wings were tucked behind his firm, strong body.
Michael saw them sparkle with gold in the light. “What are you doing here? This is a matter
for the council.” His voice was gruff but Castillo seemed to take no offence, instead he
smiled. “Our father had spoken on this matter himself. The child is to be protected at all
times and at all costs.” Michael shook his head, looking away so that Castillo wouldn't have
the satisfaction of seeing the anger blaze like a fire In his eyes. “And what if we fail, and
Lucifer claims her?” He flung at Castillo.
“Michael. It is not our place to question Father's decision. It's our place to see that his will is
carried out to the latter. Do you understand?” Michael nodded reluctantly.
“Leave us.” Castillo said. The others in the group, spanned their wings and were quickly out
of sight. Castillo walked to Michael and put a hand on his shoulder. “The child will be
spirited away to a remote town somewhere in America. Where, with the guidance of a
devoted family it will grow and develop. It will be educated in our beliefs . Risen to be
“Let me guess, the devoted family will be Angels.”
“We shouldn't be throwing all our resources into this one child Castillo!”
“The child will be appointed a Guardian to watch over it. With some luck Lucifer will never
know of the child’s location. And if he does we'll move it.”
Michael shrugged off his hand and turned to him, a pleading look in his eyes. “This child is
Lucifer's one salvation. He will tear the world apart to find it. And if I know my brother he
won't stop till he succeeds.”
“Then you must place your faith in our Father Michael. He knows what he's doing.”
Michael glanced back at the window. The child and it's dead mother were gone. The room
had been cleaned to an inch of it's life, everywhere metal gleamed at him. He knew that
humans would never have been so efficient or quick. This had been the work of heaven.
Michael knew that he should listen to Castillo, but he knew Lucifer. Letting this child live
will be the ruin of them all. He looked skywards and saw a strange star collimation burning
like a flame. He knew what it meant and so did Lucifer. Hell's time had come.