Heaven vs Hell HTML version

December 31st 1994, New York General Hospital, New York City, 11:56 pm.
The heart monitor machine beeped out a long, none stop warning.
“She's crashing!” A brown haired nurse shouted. Chaos broke out it in the room. Heart
Paddles were pulled forward and charged, ready for use. “Stop!” A loud booming, female
voice ordered. “The baby is our main concern. There is nothing we can do for the mother.
She's already gone.” The medical staff in the room all gazed sombrely at the woman laying
motionless on the blood stained sheets. “Tricia, the scalpel please. Lori be ready, the baby's
almost out.” Spoke the booming voice again. They rallied to their positions.
Outside. In the impenetrable darkness broken only by the light of the moon. On the roo f of
the building directly opposite. Convened a group of men. They watched through the
hospital room's only window intently as the baby was delivered. It was a small thing that
made no sound or movement. They saw a nurse wrap it up in a blanket and rush it to an
incubator at the back of the room and began to unclog it's airways with what looked like a
small filter.
The tallest man in the group turned away, and gazed instead at the moon. One by one the
others slowly joined him. “So The Thrones were right. The child has been born.” A man
spoke. He was broad and had a round face. He was dressed all in black like he was
attending a funeral. “There is no time.” The tallest man said, still gazing at the moon. He
sighed then turned to face his companions. His face was blank, his voice flat. Dead . “We
have to make a decision now, while we have the chance.” His statement was meet by a
chorus of voices. He couldn't make out one distinct word from the rest, through the din.
“Silence!” He commanded. His hands curling into fists. “How long do you think it will be
before they come for the child? We have to act now to ensure that they never get their
hands on it.” He paused and looked around him at anxious faces.
“We hide the child some-place safe, until a meeting can be scheduled and a decision made
as what to do with it.” The broad man with the rounded face said. This was met by sounds
of approval. But the tallest man shook his head vigorously. “We have to end the child.
Now!” He heard a gasp, and a blonde haired women, whose features looked almost perfect
said to him. “This child should be protected Michael. It's still an innocent.” The tall man
whom she had called Michael stared at her with obvious dislike. He barged through the
group and came to a stop just inches away from her. The woman didn't back down but
stood her ground. “This 'innocent'” Michael spat out the word, like it was hard for him to
even harbour it in his mouth. “Will end the world. How many innocents will die then? We
sacrifice one for the greater many.” The rest in the group nodded their head in agreement.
“You don't know that for sure. No-one can. Not even The Thrones!” The woman snapped.
She turned to face her peers. “This child never asked for this. The child may resist
temptation and devote it's life to goodness. If we damn at least one innocent soul to hell
then we are no better than Lucifer.” The group looked at her shocked. It had been a long
time since they had heard that name out-loud.
Michael knew that she had said it to shock them into thinking her way. Suddenly a great
gust of wind blew nearly knocking some of the group to the ground. Michael rooted himself