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least, ended up in jail, because of the terrible things in their life. They were not followers
of Jesus. They enjoyed experiences with Him, but were not followers of Him, they were
not His disciples. So we look at all of those, so how can you tell? Here it is. It's so clear.
This is how you know. There's only one way you can know: that you love one another!
It's really quite simple isn't it, that you love; so in other words, how we relate to the
person next to you, and others in the body of Christ, and how we treat them - that's how
you know if you're a disciple or not.
You can call yourself a Christian, but in the Bible, the term Christian was reserved for
disciples. We've gone and got this loose thing now; but you see, Jesus made it very
clear, it's actually the one thing that speaks more than anything is this. It's the quality of
the relationships, and the way we treat one another. This is where the evidence of
discipleship is seen; because sin fractured re lationship with God, relationship with one
another; the evidence of the work of Christ in our life redeeming us, is in our
relationships, and treatment of one another. Last week we had a message, a very
powerful message on unity, on how you grieve the Holy Spirit, or we can stop Him
moving totally; and become anti the Holy Spirit, not through our worship necessarily, or
our Bible studies or meetings; but by how we treat one another.
Okay, so let's move on. Notice it says 'one another.' Now He's talking about fellow
followers of Christ; not talking about the world now. He's saying: the way believers treat
one another, is the evidence of whether they're a follower of Christ or not. Isn't that
amazing? Treat one another. Jesus spoke to Paul, in Acts 9:4-5; He said: Saul, Saul,
why do you persecute Me? Now what we tend to do is this. We separate Jesus from His
church; and we say: it's okay to love Jesus, but I can treat people like I like. It doesn't
work that way. Jesus said, when Paul was persecuting the church, He said: you are
persecuting Me. Can't get it clearer, so think about this. You can love on Jesus on a
Sunday, but if you're horrible to a believer on Monday, you're not a follower of Christ.
There's a shallowness to your walk with God. There's no overflow, or evidence
outwardly, that Jesus is looking for. This is the fruit He's looking for. He's looking for
changes in how we treat one another.
Now we're in John 13, so let's have a look at the key passage I want to go through, and
I want to show you something about what loving one another might look like. Now
there's a whole heap of one-anothers in the Bible. We're just going to look here, at one
in particular: I want to look at the aspect of foot washing. Love is incredibly practical.
Love washes feet. Now we're not going to get into bringing a bowl out, and washing
someone's feet, so don't worry about that, it's not going to happen. I'll tell you why in a
moment - so John 13:1, and it says: before the Feast of Passover, when Jesus knew
His hour had come, that He would depart from this world to the Father - now notice this
- having loved His own, that were in the world, He loved them to the end. Now what
He's going to do now, is what love looks like, so watch what He does.
And the supper being ended, the devil had already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot,
Simon's son, to betray Him. So without any doubt, Judas Iscariot has already got
betrayal in his heart, he's already got demonic seed in his heart; and then it says: Jesus,