Hearing the Voice of God HTML version

over you. Thank You Lord, today I hear Your voice clearly, and I instantly obey.
Continue to affirm your trust, God leads. His job is to lead, ours is just to follow; so I
pray the 23rd Psalm: Thank You Lord, You are my shepherd, and I go through the verse
- You lead me in right paths, for Your own name's sake. So I begin to declare it, and
acknowledge it, and make my default position: hey, God is leading me, whether I'm
aware of it or not, whether it sounds clear or not, I'm convinced that God is directing me,
and leading me. Thank You Lord, You are leading me. This is my declaration, I follow
You. When You speak, I instantly obey. I thank You today, I hear Your voice clearly.
Start to frame the spiritual environment, by speaking out. Silence doesn't build anything.
Speak words that build, so that yo u affirm and build up. Then the last one I found is:
follow the plan. Follow either: the last thing that God told you to do; or what you had
written down in your plan. So if you've got a plan for building your finances, and you're
struggling on the way a little bit, just stick with the plan, follow the plan. Don't make a big
swerve. God spoke to you about something, don't make any changes. Just follow that,
until you've got through on that area. Don't be without some sense of direction; so God
requires us to make plans, and to listen to Him. Put the two together: you make your
plan, you pray over your plan, and then stick with it. Just stick with it; then if God is not
speaking, that's okay. If He wants to change the plan, He'll speak to you at some point
on the way; but at least don't just sit there passively, waiting for something to happen.
We need to be quite proactive in this business of seeking God, listening for His voice.
Can we say Amen to that?
Alright then, this is what I want you to do, before we finish up. I'll minister and pray for a
few people in a moment, but what I want to do is this. I want to ask you two questions.
Here's the first question: How has God been speaking to you, in this last half an hour to
45 minutes? What has God been saying to you? In other words, what impressed you?
Now take it right back through the beginning of the meeting. Ten o'clock we came in to
meet with God. Now what touched you, impressed you, spoke into your heart, in that
last hour and a half? What? Try to think about it for a moment. What is it touched you?
What is it impressed your heart? What is it you would say: perhaps I felt God speaking
to me, touching me about something? I felt a stir, I felt a pressure, I felt perhaps: oh,
that's a challenge, I felt something really go right into me, I just felt something inside me
leap? What is it that you felt? What is it that God did?
Then here's the second question. What steps will you take, to act on that? If you can't
answer it, just sit still for a little while, and just listen to the voice of your heart, listen for
a thought to come up. Let's practice listening to God. You may not know the Lord, but
something may have touched you and impressed you today. What did you feel God was
saying to you? What will you do about that now? What steps will you take to act on what
God showed you?