Hearing the Voice of God HTML version

I want to share with you something that would be extremely
helpful for you, and I'm going to ask you to do something at
the end of this too, which will be even better still, so I'll tell
you in a moment what I'm going to ask you to do. Let's pick
up where we're on. We're talking about following Jesus, and
the Bible doesn't talk about coming to meetings, it talks
about following Jesus. Coming to meetings and gatherings,
it talks about not forsaking gathering together, or being
gathered together; but the primary focus of Jesus' ministry
was that we would engage Him and follow Him, so we'll pick
up our key verse we were looking at which was found in
Mark 1, and Jesus spoke to some of the disciples.
This is what He said to them here, He said to Simon and
Andrew, his brother, who were casting a net into the sea for
they were fishermen, and Jesus said to them: follow Me , I
will make you become fishers of men; and immediately they
left their nets and followed Him. Every one of us is called to
be connected to Jesus and to follow Him. We talked about
many, many things that people follow today, and you could be following the trends,
following the fashion, following the world. You could be following the Middle East, you
could be following lots of things; but ultimately many of these things lead to all kinds of
pressures that we don't need. We are called to follow Jesus Christ, and we want to talk
about what that would look like, following Jesus. I mean in those days there, there He
was, He said: follow Me; and you just came up and followed Him; but there was always
a price for it, so last week we shared on, in following Jesus, you will be caught up into
what He's caught up in. There is no way you can follow Jesus Christ without being
changed, and starting to shift in your values; what's important, what isn't important.
When you begin to follow Jesus Christ, your whole value system begins to shift. It shifts
because He will lead you somewhere you've never even thought of going; and the Bible
says in this verse here, it says: I will make you fishers of men; so there's one thing
absolutely certain, that when we follow Jesus Christ, He will teach us how to be a lover
of God, but a lover of people. You can measure how spiritual you are, not by how many
visions and dreams you have, but whether you actually overflow and love people, and
connect with them and help them.
People are the measuring stick of how you're doing with God. It's very easy to be drawn
into all range of spiritual experiences, and these are wonderful; but if it doesn't convert
to being connected to people, and working with people and helping people, there is
something majorly lacking. So that's where we start, that's where we got to, and we
shared a little bit about how we seem to have a generation which is fairly precious. Last