Hearing the Voice of God HTML version

service. We'll just exalt Him, and you build an altar in your heart. If God spoke to you:
you need to go and put a marriage thing right, a family thing right, a relationship right, a
work situation right; work out how to do it, how to own it, how to go there with a serving
heart, how to actually make the apology a good apology. Then believe that now you're
going to come and serve. You know the path to my promotion in the workplace came
one day, when I went to my boss and apologised to him, because I had neglected
something in my work that was very important to him. I could see the astonishment in
his face, but within eighteen months he'd promoted me. Hmm, principles of God work.
Come on, let's just stand and worship Him shall we, let's just stand up, flow into that
1. Introduction
· Mk.1:17-18 “Then Jesus said to them “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of
men”. They immediately left their nets and followed him”
· Each of us is called by God to attach to Jesus and to Follow Him.
· “Follow” = NT190= akoloutheo az = “union”; Keleuthos = “road”.
= To be on the same road as a companion.
= To enter another person's world and to join them on their journey.
= A lifelong journey with Jesus constantly learning and being committed to His Cause.
· Jn.10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me”.
2. “It's Not all About Me”
(a) “Give Me” – The Entitlement Mentality
· Lk.15:11-12 “The younger son said to his father: “Father give me, my share of the estate”
· Story is about the father's generosity – also contains keys to why people self-destruct.
· “Give Me” = mentality = It's all about me!
· Son was self-centred = sense of entitlement
= no interest in the welfare of his father
= expectation of special treatment
= Strongly promoted himself – self focused
= Used others to advance himself, exploited relationships
= Focus on personal rights rather than responsibilities
(b) “The Princess Syndrome”
· When children become the central focus of family they can grow up self centred.
· “Princess” = the centre of attention. Whatever princess wants she gets.
· A generation is emerging with a great sense of “entitlement” rather than responsibility.
· Education system has greatly contributed to “Princess” mentality.
· e.g. Narcissus - Greek myth very attractive young man renowned for his beauty.
- He wanted others to give to him but he gave to no-one.
- He formed many relationships, drew from them then rejected them.