Hearing the Voice of God HTML version

fisher of men. He will make us someone who engages people who don't know Him, and
gathers them up in different kinds of ways. It doesn't mean you'll be all evangelist. It
does mean engaging people where they are, and helping them progress in their
relationship with God, is what all believers are called to do. So to follow, just define it
again, what it means to follow Jesus; I'm still trying to get a handle on it, so every week
as I study, I'm looking for more insights on it. So the word comes from a word that
means union; it's two words coming together - union; and the second one is in a road;
so it means being united on a journey, or a road, with Jesus. So notice here to follow
Me, it means literally to be: on a road, with someone as your companion; that's what it
means. To follow Jesus, you are on a journey with Him t hrough life, so following Jesus
is about the journey, not just about where you're going to get. It's actually about learning
how to have a day to day relationship, and walk with someone through life.
It's sharing the journey. He comes as a companion to you, to share your life with you.
You walk with Him in life, sharing your life with Him, and so it's a journey on the same
road. The word means literally to enter someone else's world and journey with them. So
if we're going to follow Jesus, we're going to enter into His perspectives on life. It's
thinking life differently to the way you've thought it. If you want to follow the world, it
follows a course; but when we follow Jesus, we begin to think about how He sees life,
what is His perspective on life? What is important? What isn't important? What is of
value, and what's not of value? So our values begin to change. We begin to shift how
we think about life. One of the challenges that the church faces is, the lifestyle of so
many believers is so similar to the world, and the anxieties and pressures and problems
they have are so identical, it's hard to find someone following Jesus. There's plenty of
people going to church; it's someone following Jesus that'll provide the answer.
We want to focus on what it means to follow Jesus, so it's a lifelong journey with Him,
being committed both to Him and to His cause. I don't think you can be a follower of
Jesus without loving His church. Church isn't perfect, it has many problems, probably so
many problems we could spend a day or two just describing them all, but nevertheless
His church is His church. It's His bride, it's the one He came for, and He will make His
church perfect. I don't think we can follow Jesus, and not be engaged with His people;
and also with the cause He has, in changing a community. Following Jesus means that.
I want to pick up one aspect of following Jesus, in a scripture you'll be very familiar with
shortly; and so here's the first thing that you have to realise, if you're going to follow
Jesus: It's not all about me. [Laughter] Tell someone: it's not all about me. Speak the
words: It's not all about me! And I know that just on that one revelation, some of you
could go home today very disappointed. [Laughter]
Life is not all about you; and the sooner you realise it, the happier you will become. Your
family, your children, need to learn this lesson - many lessons they need to learn, here's
one lesson they need to learn: it is not all about them. Wake up! You've got to fit into the
world somewhere, and you've got to learn how to live in it, and make sense with it, so
it's not all about me. Now I want you to have a look in Luke 15. I'm going to follow this
thought: it's all about me; and I'll describe what I call the Princess Syndrome in a