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Lose Your Unwanted Weight and Live a More Fulfilling Life When You Discover the Absolute 'Secret' Most People Will Never Know


Hello, and welcome to Health Matters. Is yoyo dieting, weight loss pills and every other source of desperation that you’ve tried to lose weight bugging you? Somehow do you seem to always gain it back? Well, we’re going to talk about something today that may be able to help you. It’s healthy, secure and best of all, permanent.

We’re going to talk about Hypnosis. That’s right. Here today we are going to talk about a secret that most people will never, ever know about and you can use it today to lose your unwanted weight and live a more fulfilling life.

Hi, this is Martin Wales and we’re here today with, of course, another expert on health matters and we are going to be talking with Amanda O’Keefe. Hi, Amanda.

Hi, Martin.


Martin: Amanda, you are a Certified Clinical Hypno-Therapist. What is that?

Amanda: Well, what it means is that you have to go through intense training and testing, upon completion of each level (Hypnotist, Advanced Hypnotist and finally Master Clinical Hypno-Therapist) you become a certified by a recognized National Board of Hypno-Therapy. You must have hands on practical experience to be a fully qualified Master Clinical Hypno-Therapist.

With your experience you are actually able to help people overcome pretty much anything they dreamed possible such as overcome their fears, stop smoking even if they have been smoking all of their lives, gain self confidence, perform better in sports, and of course lose their weight quickly and permanently.

Hypnosis is a state of inward attention and focused concentration. It is often referred to as trance or as an altered state of consciousness. When the mind is concentrated and focused, people are better able to tap into and utilize their inner resources, to make personal changes, and to make their lives better then they ever dreamed possible.
Because Hypnosis and self-Hypnosis allow people to use more of their potential, they gain more self-control which in turn allows them to accomplish most anything!

Martin: Excellent. Now I guess I under-introduced you. Amanda is actually a Certified Master Clinical Hypno-Therapist with years and years of experience. You’ve helped dozens overcome not just weight loss but stopping smoking, being a better golf player and even getting over their fear of water. What’s with the fear of water? Like going out on a boat?

Amanda: More then that Martin, This patient was petrified of water, the mere thought of being in or near water would make her anxious, sweat and feel sick to her stomach. You see; she had a near death experience when she was a child that haunts her to this day. As she grew older she wanted nothing to do with water. She did not want to go swimming. She did not like to travel if the plane would be over water. And she absolutely would not go on a boat. As her children grew older she realized that she as well as they were missing out on the joy of simply going to the beach or experiencing other joys that included water. She also noticed that they were starting develop the fear also. My patient decided then that she wanted to make a change, and she would do whatever it takes to overcome her fear and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Martin: Wow.

Amanda: That is when she came to me; we discussed her fears, her frightening experience and what Hypnosis is and how it can help her achieve her goals. After just 5 sessions she took her family to the beach and guess what…she went swimming! She called me the very next day crying and thanking me.

In my eyes, she really had herself to thank because she had it in her this whole time. You see Hypnosis is just a tool, a means to tap into your subconscious and make the changes necessary to accomplish your goals.

One more thing I should mention is that she has just returned from a two week cruise and had the time of her life, without an once of anxiety or fear!

Martin: Wow, so you really help people with their lives. I mean, Amanda, I didn’t read out all her education. She’s got Basic, Advanced, and Master Clinical Certification. She is board certified by the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards and a Certified Member of the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists, the Professional Board of Hypno-Therapy in Canada, Inc. and the Australian Hypno-Therapy Association, as well. So, certainly I’m getting used to saying Hypno-Therapy today, Amanda.

Amanda: Yes. I have worked hard to get where I am today! You know, Hypno-Therapy is definitely becoming world renowned for the amazing effects and impact it has on peoples lives. Even doctors are recommending it to their patients!

Martin: So, what brought you to Hypno-Therapy in your background because just before we came on the air here today you were telling me that you weren’t always in Hypno-Therapy? It wasn’t what you were thinking about and you just came to it, so I think it would be interesting for our listeners today to know that you came to this by surprise, also.

Amanda: Exactly, I came to Hypnosis – or it came to me - by chance. I just finished college and I, like many others took an unrelated job while looking for my so called “dream job”. I started working for a Hypno-Therapy clinic as the client services administrator. I didn’t know what HypnoTherapy was, how it worked or even if it was real! I was extremely skeptical as you may be right now.

As time went on I started to get to know the patients personally, I heard their stories, what effects Hypnosis was having on their lives. I was actually able to see first hand the benefits Hypnosis was having with different people with different issues at hand. They were becoming much more happier and confident, they were literally losing pound after pound right in front of my eyes!

Martin: So, you actually were observing people getting help. This wasn’t Hypnosis in Hollywood or Vegas here, people doing ballet and pretending they are Madonna. This was real people coming out and throwing away cigarettes, feeling better about them-selves and losing weight.

Amanda: Exactly. It was firsthand experience and it was absolutely amazing. So I wanted to see firsthand what this was all about. I became more and more interested because I would literally see men and women who had been smoking for all of their lives walk out, throw their cigarettes in the trashcan and were done with it for good. They would call back week after week telling us how happy they were, that they can breathe, that they can exercise, walk up the stairs and play with their children and grandchildren.

At the time of working at the center, I was in a very unhealthy relationship; those who have experienced a similar situation know that an abusive (for me, emotionally and verbally) relationship does nothing for your selfesteem and confidence. As a result I was overweight and depressed). I was not happy in my relationship and let someone else have a negative effect on my life. I chose to find my happiness somewhere else, in food - sweets in particular. I remember waking up one day and looking in the mirror and asking myself where that confident, happy, thin and attractive woman went – that would be me!

That’s when I decided to book my first Hypno-Therapy session to lose my unwanted weight – 30 pounds to be exact. I figured that if I were skinnier I would be happier.

While I was speaking with the Certified Hypno-Therapist, together we realized that there was something much more to me being overweight. I was holding on to my fat for dear life, it was my security blanket. I felt like if I let go of it I would have nothing to keep me safe. We also discovered that my low self-esteem and confidence were preventing me from making the changes I needed to change my life and lose my weight. I didn’t think I could therefore I didn’t even try.

That Hypnosis session was the day that changed my life forever! After attending a couple of sessions and listening to my personal sessions at home I made the changes necessary for me to be happy again.

I have since said goodbye to that unhealthy relationship, I have never been so confident and sure of myself in my entire life, I have lost 35 pounds and love the way I look and best of all I am engaged to a wonderful man whom I adore and cherish and treats me better then I could have ever dreamed. I am the happiest I have ever been and it all started from making the decision to change my life. I wouldn’t have been able to follow through on my plan so easily without Hypnosis. I am truly grateful!

After ranting and raving about the wonderful and amazing benefits Hypno-Therapy had on me, I realized that I wanted to help other people as I was so graciously helped. I wanted to change people’s lives and make a difference. That’s when I started training to be a Certified Hypnotist. I loved it so much that I continued training and taking courses surpassing the Basic and Advanced Certifications and moved on to be a Certified Master Clinical HypnoTherapist.

Martin: That’s amazing. So often, there are underlying issues to being overweight then besides just food?

Amanda: Yes, precisely. Usually it is much more complicated then being overweight or liking the taste of food. It could be anything like I mean even…

Martin: Chocolate is my friend. Right.

Amanda: Exactly, and did you know that chocolate is a mood suppressant? It gives that “feel good” sensation for a short time and then you feel even worse after it wears off!

Like I was saying, there are so many underlying reasons why men and women hold onto their fat. It could even be something as simple as your parents telling you that you can’t leave the table without finishing the last bite on your plate so as an adult you think that you have to finish every last bite. Well, you don’t have to. You can leave something there and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

Martin: I guess it starts in the kitchen. We figure we have to stack our plate at the all you can eat buffets.


Amanda: Exactly.

Martin: You know what? You make some amazing claims today. People can be thin, feel sexy, confident, happy, more energetic about them-selves. Obviously this can lead to other things like certainly improving your love life, becoming irresistible to any man or woman. I mean these things actually all sort of stem back to confidence. So let’s really get into some of this today for our friends listening. What is Hypnosis first of all? I think if we define the tool and then we can sort of get into how we can use it for weight loss. Is that a good place to start?

Amanda: Absolutely! Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation where the patient feels comfortable and secure and at that point they can accept suggestion directly through the subconscious mind. It’s the in between state of being awake and asleep.

For example, you’re driving home from work. You take the same route every single day and you kind of zone out the whole way and you get home and wonder, “Okay, how in the world did I get home?” That is Hypnosis.

Martin: Wow, like I don’t remember getting off the exit.


Amanda: Exactly! It’s just programmed in your subconscious mind.

Martin: Super. Well, I mean I guess I have been to some of those Hollywood Hypnosis shows and you know, the guy sort of goes around and looks at people or he has some of them on stage and he gets some of them to sit down. So can everybody be hypnotized?

Amanda: Yes. Now, the difference between stage Hypnosis where you go and cluck around like a chicken is [laughter] that stage Hypnosis is strictly entertainment. A stage hypnotist doesn’t choose a person because they are good hypnotic subjects; he picks them because they are good entertainment.

Most stage hypnotists can ask members of the public to do ridiculous things and they will willingly do it, there’s no Hypnosis involved at all! Stage hypnotists choose the people that want to enjoy themselves, who want to be on that stage. They want to be compliant, they want to do what they are being asked to do no matter how ridiculous, and they want to be the stars of the show!
Martin: Right, that makes sense.

Amanda: Hypno-Therapy is an altered state of consciousness, which is a bit like daydreaming. Hypnosis is special because it opens up a channel of communication between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. It is not asleep but a relaxed state where we focus and close down the conscious mind, where we store all of our beliefs and values.

We can then allow ourselves to absorb new values, beliefs and desires, thus enabling changes that we want to happen, to occur. Hypno-Therapy is the use of various techniques within that altered state to bring about change, to resolve conflicts and to heal. Now remember that Hypnosis is only achieved when the recipient is willing and desires the change to occur.

Martin: So, everybody can be hypnotized. It just also comes down to the decision, “Yes, I do want to lose weight. I do want to stop smoking,” or whatever it is.

Amanda: Exactly. If you wish to be hypnotized you can be. Nobody can ever be hypnotized against his or her will.

Martin: Excellent. Well, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is I’m putting myself in the hands of an expert hypnotist or Hypno-Therapist and you know, maybe people have heard stories. Is Hypnosis safe?

Amanda: This is a question that comes up most often. Absolutely. Hypnosis is a 100% natural state; and is completely safe. You cannot get trapped in a hypnotic state, if for any reason you have to break off in the middle of a session, you can simply arise from your state of Hypnosis and you will be able to deal with anything that needs your attention. Always remember that Hypnosis is simply a deeply relaxed state, you are not asleep and you are ALWAYS in control.

Martin: Okay, well, you know, I’m certainly curious. I haven’t used this before to address any issues. Who does it, like how do I find a Hypno-Therapist? What do I look for?

Amanda: Well, first of all you want to make sure that your hypnotist is fully qualified and Certified in his/her field. If you go to a hypno-therapist, be sure to ask to see their qualifications. You will want to make sure that they are a recognized Hypno-Therapy Association member. Being sure of all of their qualifications means you’re being sure that you’re safe. Even though Hypnosis is completely safe, you want to make sure that the person helping you is sincere and trustworthy. All Board Certified Hypno-Therapists must follow a strict code of ethics and are closely monitored by their institution.

Martin: Excellent. So, I’m looking for certification and you know I’m probably, like anything else, going to talk to some people who have been to the Hypnotist and are experiencing success.

Amanda: Absolutely. You want to see testimonials of other people they have helped.

Martin: Well, I have to say that recently I have been addressing my weight and you know, doing cleanse things, one meal a day shake replacement, all that kind of stuff. Now I’m taking a look at this Hypnosis thing and certainly what you’re saying is very interesting. How successful can it be?

Amanda: It can be as successful as you want it to be. As long as you have the desire to make the change then Hypnosis will be successful for anyone. As long as you can visually see what you want to accomplish then absolutely, Hypnosis can be right there with you. It’s not a cure or magic. It’s simply an aid to help you tap into your subconscious mind to make the changes that you thought you couldn’t do on your own. It is there to guide you in the right direction, help you accomplish anything you desire.

Martin: So, I guess if I’m tapping into my subconscious mind then I’m not thinking about not eating that food. I’m actually sort of programming myself to not even wanting to think about food. Is that right?

Amanda: Exactly. With Hypnosis you can alter the way you think about food. You can make your mind believe that that once wonderful smell of fast food is no longer desirable, to the point of it smelling disgusting and you no longer have the burning desire to stop and get it. That is how powerful Hypnosis is!

Martin: Have you had anyone who has sort of walked in, skeptical, or had a significant weight loss issue when they had tried everything else before?

Amanda: Absolutely. Most of my patients go through what’s called yoyo dieting. This is where you diet, lose some weight and gain it back and do it all over again. In the process trying all kinds if fad diets that are unhealthy and torture to your body and mind.

Most of them have tried everything that they possibly could to lose weight and the end result would always be that they gain all the weight back and even more.

With these patients, I explain what Hypnosis is all about, how it can help them and that it can be permanent as long as they want it. They were able to let go of the weight and let go of the extra things that were actually holding the weight on and lost 20, 30, 50, 80 pounds and more!

Martin: So, is this something that you seen drastic results with or is it just the permanent loss of that extra ten, that extra twenty pounds?

Amanda: I met a man that was obese and thinking of surgery. I explained the wonderful benefits of Hypnosis and how he can lose all of his weight naturally and be healthy without surgery. I asked him to come and see me and have a couple of sessions with me, that he had nothing to lose…but his weight of course. He cancelled his surgery after just 2 sessions!

He started losing his fat immediately and was astounded with the results. After 8 sessions and two months of listening to his personal weight loss Hypnosis sessions I created for him to listen to at home, Bill lost 65 pounds. He continued to lose all of his unwanted fat has now lost a total of 215 pounds!

Martin: Wow! So, this is actually something that you can do from home?


Amanda: Absolutely.

Martin: Wow! Well, what does Hypno-Therapy actually have to do with weight loss? How do you tie those two things together? So am I still pushing away from the burgers and fries? Give us a little step through here.

Amanda: Hypnosis allows you to create new beliefs and change your attitude towards something so in this case you don’t want to eat the unhealthy food and you stop getting the cravings completely, you become in control of your body. For example when someone drives past McDonald’s and you smell the aroma of the fried French fries beckoning you. Typically your reaction may be “Oh, my gosh! I need it. I crave it. I want it” and you “cave” and buy what you know you shouldn’t be eating.

Martin: Excuse me Amanda. I have to go. [Laughter]

Amanda: That’s exactly the feeling, so what Hypnosis does is it taps into the subconscious mind so that that smell no longer effects you, that craving is no longer there. You easily push it out of your mind and tell yourself that you are not hungry and that you have made the decision to make better and healthier choices in your life. It is just a matter of altering the way that you think and that is what Hypnosis helps you do.

Martin: Mm-hmm. I’ve done some work with Anthony Robbins’ organization in the past and they used a thing I think called NLP. That’s sort of, “Here’s a chocolate bar.” It made you think it was something undesirable that you didn’t want to touch or even look at. Is there any sort of, I guess they called it anchoring or anything of that NLP stuff?

Amanda: Yes, NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming. It is used to change you perception of something. Such as the McDonald’s scenario, you are convined that the smell is undesirable even disgusting when not long before it was a smell that was somehow powerful enough to make you act on it. Its quite amazing what you can train your mind to do.

Martin: Mm-hmm. Now, you’ve got a program and you said you could do it from home. How often do I actually meet with a clinician or do I have to at all?

Amanda: The best part about all of this is that you can achieve total success from the comfort of your home! There is no need to go and meet personally with a Hypno-Therapist in your area if you can get the same results with less work. We all know how busy life can be, and appointment's get cancelled because your son or daughter is sick or you can’t make it because your babysitter bailed on you. Even if you have a long day at work and all you want to do is go home. I understand that and that’s why I have created a personal Weight Loss Hypnosis Program that allows you to achieve your goals on your own time.

Now, the Weight Loss Program I have set up is very different from the average weight loss package you can get. It is extremely unique in that it includes sessions that I truly believe are detrimental to your weight loss success.

I have included normal weight loss sessions such as: Total Weight Loss, Stop Sugar Cravings, Stop Carb Cravings, Removing Plateaus, Motivation to Exercise, and best of all and truly unique I have also included sessions that will remove any underlying reasons to being over weight and that are standing in the way of your goals such as: Complete Confidence, Increase Your Self Worth, Love Your Body – Love Yourself, and Absolute Motivation.

This complete program comes with simple instructions on how and when to follow your program, it outlines what sessions come first and how often you should be listening to them. You will also get an Extreme Weight Loss Chart to help you document your progress and success as well as meal plans to teach you what you should be eating and how much of it.

My custom designed program is tested and true! I have seen men and women and even teenagers lose their unwanted fat once and for all. They have lost anywhere from 10 to 20, 40, 80 pounds and more and continue to lose the weight after they have completed the program. Best of all it is fast, healthy and permanent!

Martin: So food is actually addictive? Is it, are we talking all food or I heard you mention white sugar. Is any food more addictive than another?

Amanda: Sugar is highly addictive and so are carbs, if your body is not getting what it needs from healthy sources it will crave unhealthy alternatives. These food types are also known to alter your mood making you more and more dependant on them.

Martin: So you’ve got a program you’ve developed and this is from all of your experience with different people, different types. Is there a cultural thing? Does it work for all cultures, all people of different races and backgrounds because we all eat different food.

Amanda: Yes, my program works with everyone just remember that it is currently only available in English. Your background does not alter its effectiveness; the sessions are tailored to an overweight man or woman and that is the only thing that is common.

Martin: Now, your program, how long does it take? Is it 60 minutes a week? Is it four fifteen-minute sessions? What am I going to be doing? Am I going to be sitting on my yoga mat meditating?

Amanda: It is best to listen to your personal sessions in a quite room where you can relax for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. I suggest trying to listen to one session per day repeating the cycle. We can all use a time out from life for 15 to 30 minutes! If it were not possible to listen your session everyday, every second or third day would be absolutely fine! You will still achieve your goals.

Martin: Fantastic, so I don’t need any fancy equipment. I don’t need anything special. As long as I’ve got a CD player or something where I can listen to a, what is it? Is it your voice? Is it music?

Amanda: It’s my voice as well as Hypno-Therapy background music that induces a deep relaxation. You can download the sessions instantly and I will also send you the CD’s in the mail along with your User Guide, Weight Loss Chart and a Hypnosis Information Booklet that includes stories of women and men that have achieved their weight loss goals and other dreams with the help of Hypnosis.

Martin: So it’s really a guide? Wow, I'm impressed! Certainly I’ve done some investigation in looking at the information and just the testimonials. “Wow! I feel confident and sexy in a bikini.” That’s not me. I’m reading this, ladies and gentlemen. [Laughter]

“After struggling for ten years with my up and down weight I was finally able to stop living to eat instead of eating to live by using your program.” So that’s certainly fantastic.

Another person, Ashley from Edmonton in Canada, “I’m now engaged, got a promotion and a raise from the confidence I gained from your weight loss program. I’ve been overweight all my life. Sure it was cute when I was a child but as I got older it became a struggle.

“It held me back from doing the things I really wanted such as approaching guys for fear of being turned down or speaking my opinions to others. That turned into being afraid to go for the jobs that I really wanted because I felt like I wouldn’t get it anyway, so why bother. That attitude kept me in the same unhappy spot for what felt like an eternity.”

So this girl here, obviously the self-confidence, the lack of self-esteem held her back all her life. Then it turned around for her here. She lost an amazing 60 pounds. She’s engaged to be married to a wonderful man that she approached and she found the confidence in herself to demand a raise and even got a promotion so she’s saying this works.

She’s referred this phenomenal product to all of her family and friends struggling with their weight, and you know it’s sort of funny because she sort of suddenly replaced it “struggling with their weight” although she was talking about self-esteem the whole time. Is that what you see often in your patients?

Amanda: Yes, absolutely. It’s usually a matter of how you feel about yourself and when you don’t feel great then you tend to let go, you only look as good as how you feel. So it is my mission to help people feel better about them selves and that in turn will help you lose weight much faster then a typical diet. Did I mention permanent?

Martin: Now, I know we’re just here doing an audio interview over the radio but do you have any tips as far as you know, what’s my approach, my mental state and is there anything I need to do to prepare for this? Even if I was to sit down without purchasing your product, what are the kinds of things that I can think to myself, maybe more affirmations?

Amanda: It sounds silly but this is what I did and still do to this very day. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say this out loud…”I am attractive, I am intelligent and funny, I have a lot to offer, I am confident and I can do anything I put my mind to”. You may feel weird at first but you will get used to it, trust me! It does wonders on your self-esteem and its healthy to hear how amazing you are on a regular basis even if it’s coming from you.

There is something else I do that I recommend to everyone. I call it positive visualization. Close your eyes and just imagine yourself at your ideal weight, put yourself in the moment, imagine yourself doing something you would do if you were skinny, what would you be wearing? What would you be doing? What would you be saying? What would you be eating? Think about how you would feel and think about how you will get there. It is important to see yourself the way you want to be, this will keep you on track and motivated.

Positive visualization works for anything! If you are about to say a speech, visualize yourself saying it and doing great and everyone applauding you afterwards. If you were about to go golfing, visualize yourself beating everyone else and think about how you would feel. If you have a phobia, visualize yourself facing it head on and conquering it and feeling proud. You will be amazed at how much better you do and feel with this simple technique.

Martin: Fantastic, so really I think you’re probably looking inside as much as you’re looking at the outside.


Amanda: Absolutely.

Martin: Another person, Scott, he began to lose weight immediately with no cravings whatsoever. This is definitely the kind of thing that I go for because I do get that Big Mac attack. I do get that; I need some icing around ten o’clock at night. So, you know, reading what he’s talking about, that’s pretty well got me.
“I began to lose weight immediately. No cravings.” He’d started running every day. After three weeks he had lost nothing so somebody who does a lot of exercise, who is maybe straining the old knees on the pavement, not getting any results.

He lost nothing after three weeks of running and then he started doing this and lost weight immediately. “So each day and every week the scale of my growing endurance served as a personal motivation reward.” So is this something that is sort of self-perpetuating?

Amanda: Yes, and actually it’s quite amazing because a lot of people exercise and watch what they eat, and often it’s just not enough. So for those people, a couple of Hypnosis sessions helped them overcome this obstacle. They were able to convince their mind that they were going to lose their unwanted weight and we all know how powerful our minds are. Hypnosis allows you to tap into your thoughts and mind and your mentality has such a powerful effect on your body that you can train it to do whatever you dream possible!

It’s just like a sugar pill that a doctor gives a patient that truly believes they are sick .The patient believes that the sugar pill is a medication and amazingly the patient gets “better”. It’s all in what you think, what you believe and you can truly do ANYTHING you put you mind to! Including losing all that unwanted weight that you are inconveniently carrying around.

Martin: Fantastic, so I don’t need any special equipment so the cost for this is quite low. I did notice that one of the testimonials that we got was that they only paid a fraction of what their friends were paying and having much better results. I understand that you are giving away a FREE HYPNOSIS WEIGHTLOSS SESSION that anyone can download right now! All they have to do is go to

I’ll just spell it out once H-E-A-L-T-H-Y for healthy, M-I-ND, weight as we all know, W-E-I-G-H-T and loss of course, L-O-S-S.

So go to and you can get the FREE OFFER that you are giving away to prove to everyone that Hypnosis works to lose your fat!

Amanda: Absolutely, come to my website and I will give you a free Introductory Weight Loss Hypnosis Session immediately just for signing up for my information packed Newsletter! In your weekly Newsletter you will get tons of freebies, tips on how to lose your weight faster, motivational tidbits, encouragement, meal plans and amazing and astonishing stories from other people just like you who have achieved their weight loss goals and life long dreams.

Martin: Really? So, without purchasing a thing, people can take an opportunity to sample this, try it out for themselves, and see how it works.

Amanda: That’s right! No catch, I completely believe in Hypnosis for weight loss and I want to everyone to be able to share his or her amazing success story with the rest of the world too!

Martin: Fantastic. And also if you go to now I know Amanda has just released a new product and you are doing essentially a pilot so instead of your retail price of $397, it’s now $97 for the next little while.

Amanda: Yes, the savings will only be available for the next little while so everyone will need to act fast. Remember that I believe in Hypnosis so much that I guarantee my product! If you are not completely satisfied or you have not lost any weight after 3 months I will give you a 100% refund! I will give you ALL of your money back, no questions asked! So, there’s no risk!

Martin: Fantastic. So, I appreciate your time today here on Health Matters and I congratulate you and wish you much success and continuing your helping others lose weight, amongst other things, but certainly joining us today and giving us some tips and enlightening us about the importance of Hypno-Therapy, as well as exactly what it is.

Amanda: Thank you very much. It was my pleasure.

Martin: So, join us again next time here on Health Matters as we look at your life and help you get the lifestyle that you want. Join me again next time. I’m your host, Martin Wales. Again, go to Amanda’s website at to get your free weight loss Hypnosis session!

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Biography of Amanda O’Keefe C.M.Ht.



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