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National Board of Hypno-Therapy. You must have hands
on practical experience to be a fully qualified Master
Clinical Hypno-Therapist.
With your experience you are actually able to help people
overcome pretty much anything they dreamed possible
such as overcome their fears, stop smoking even if they
have been smoking all of their lives, gain self confidence,
perform better in sports, and of course lose their weight
quickly and permanently.
Hypnosis is a state of inward attention and focused
concentration. It is often referred to as trance or as an
altered state of consciousness. When the mind is
concentrated and focused, people are better able to tap
into and utilize their inner resources, to make personal
changes, and to make their lives better then they ever
dreamed possible.
Because Hypnosis and self-Hypnosis allow people to use
more of their potential, they gain more self-control which
in turn allows them to accomplish most anything!
Martin: Excellent. Now I guess I under-introduced you. Amanda is
actually a Certified Master Clinical Hypno-Therapist with
years and years of experience. You’ve helped dozens
overcome not just weight loss but stopping smoking, being
a better golf player and even getting over their fear of
water. What’s with the fear of water? Like going out on a
Amanda: More then that Martin, This patient was petrified of water,
the mere thought of being in or near water would make
her anxious, sweat and feel sick to her stomach. You see;
she had a near death experience when she was a child that
haunts her to this day. As she grew older she wanted
nothing to do with water. She did not want to go
swimming. She did not like to travel if the plane would be
over water. And she absolutely would not go on a boat. As
her children grew older she realized that she as well as
they were missing out on the joy of simply going to the
beach or experiencing other joys that included water. She
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