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Wales: Hello, and welcome to Health Matters. Is yoyo dieting,
weight loss pills and every other source of desperation that
you’ve tried to lose weight bugging you? Somehow do you
seem to always gain it back? Well, we’re going to talk
about something today that may be able to help you. It’s
healthy, secure and best of all, permanent.
We’re going to talk about Hypnosis. That’s right. Here
today we are going to talk about a secret that most people
will never, ever know about and you can use it today to
lose your unwanted weight and live a more fulfilling life.
Hi, this is Martin Wales and we’re here today with, of
course, another expert on health matters and we are going
to be talking with Amanda O’Keefe. Hi, Amanda.
O’Keefe: Hi,Martin.
Martin: Amanda, you are a Certified Clinical Hypno-Therapist.
What is that?
Amanda: Well, what it means is that you have to go through intense
training and testing, upon completion of each level
(Hypnotist, Advanced Hypnotist and finally Master Clinical
Hypno-Therapist) you become a certified by a recognized
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