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Health and Fitness Nutrition
You will feel better in the morning, your breath will be worth being near again and fingernails, hair
and skin will take on a much younger fresher look!! Of the people who die from lung cancer, 95% of
them smoke.
Protein Power - Carbohydrates supply the sort of calories easily burned during cardiovascular
exercise, but protein plays an important part in building muscle mass - or rather in not storing food
as fat. "This is largely because the bulk of protein that is eaten will be used to build muscle".
Further the average male will lose 500gms of muscle - not fat - every year once he stops regular
exercise. While older men and women are usually touted as the beneficiaries of strength training so
to are the young.
Planned Exercise - I suggest you start with 100 minutes per week of mildly puffing exercise be it
2x50 mins, 3x35 mins, 4x25 mins, 5x20 mins all of which produce the same results.
Mix up your aerobic activities in the gym; use the treadmill, bike, climber or any other training gear
available to you.
Keep A Training Log - Keep a training log for all your fitness requirements, keeping account of the
reps you are using, how many sets, what weights you are using and also the date, time and where
the workout took place is imperative for gauging your day to day progress.
Also recording all cardio- vascular activities is just as important.
In conclusion, these general health and fitness might have been left to last but the are still right up
there as far as your health and fitness is concerned.
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