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Health Strength and Wealth
order to maximize your cash flow faster, giving yourself a raise!
Take most of what you now have available per month and turn it toward the next debt – raising the
regular monthly payment by as much as you can while rewarding yourself with a little thing to note
your accomplishment.
Before you take on another investment, think about the wealth you can build with the money that
currently goes to debt. Once you have mastered your debt, all that money can go toward
investments, savings, and living expenses that far outstretch what you are able to experience now.
The only aggressive investment strategy that has absolutely zero risk is debt investment. You
cannot lose and the gains are always tremendous compared to any other form of investing.
Live your retirement years free of financial stress, relaxed and enjoying life due to automatic income
streams you create through the powerful investments you can afford AFTER investing in your debt.
C.C. Collins is a respected financial strategist and
investing expert. His
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