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rice, potatoes, cereals and breads, and also from vegetables and fruits since these
have phytochemicals, enzymes and micronutrients that are essential for a
healthy diet.
The Second is Protein. The building blocks of muscle and essential organs. This
comes from fish, chicken, red meat and dairy. Protein is broken down in the
body to form amino acids for repair and
growth of new cells.
The third is fat. The body's enemy, according to most. There are 4 types of fat:
Saturated (the bad) from animals, the more animal fat you consume the higher
your blood cholesterol will rise, increasing the risk of a malfunction in the body.
Should be taken in small quantities. Sources are: Beef, dairy, coconut oil.
Polyunsaturated (the good) Comes from plants, reduces blood cholesterol.
Sources are: nuts, fish, safflower oil, seeds, corn oil and sunflower oil.
Monounsaturated (the best) also comes from plants, raises the good cholesterol.
Sources are: Avocado,
Olive oil, olives, nuts, canola oil and peanut butter.
Trans fats (the ugly) This is relatively new, the effects are unknown. It is believed
that they behave like saturated fat (the bad) causing blood cholesterol levels to
The consumption of fats (the good fats) is important for our health. They are
used in the production of hormones and other activities. We do need some fat,
but do limit the bad.
A great way to help your efforts in the gym is to give up some detrimental habits
such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking damages the lungs and
dramatically increases the risk of lung cancer along with other diseases.
Excessive drinking has also been shown to causes major diseases.
These two habits are definitely not worth having around.
The best thing one can do for themselves is to quit any destructive habits they
have and get into that gym, start pumping some iron and look forward to greater
Health and Fitness.
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Beginner Bodybuilding: How Often to Train
Training the whole body three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) is
ideal for the beginner. This allows the beginner nearly 48 hours of rest between
workouts and gives the beginner an additional two days of rest over weekends.