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Health, Fitness, Weight training, Smoking and Drinking
Weight training makes a person healthy, fit and strong. It is not just for people
who want to build muscle, but also for everyone who likes to stay fit and keep the
excess weight off.
If you want to get in shape or stay in shape you can walk, run or cycle every
morning, play sports with friends, but if you want to have muscles and look lean,
then lifting some weights either at the gym or at home is your best bet.
People go to the gym for many reasons. eg:
To lose a few pounds if they are overweight.
To gain a few pounds (of muscle) if they are underweight.
To get fit and Healthy.
To get strong.
The most effective exercise plan for most should have some cardiovascular work
and mostly weight training exercises. This helps burn calories and increase the
muscle to fat ratio better than cardiovascular work alone.
Some Benefits of Weight training;
1. It is the best way to maintain and improve ones health from a variety of
diseases and premature death.
2. It makes a person feel better and increases ones self-confidence, prevents
depression, anxiety
and gloom.
3. A weight training lifestyle helps a person live longer than an inactive person.
4. It instils discipline into a person, making other things in life easy.
5. It makes one stronger physically and mentally.
To start: one should consult a physician to get the go ahead and then get into it
Getting stronger, fitter, healthier Week by week building up more endurance
will be of great benefit to you.
Aim for 3 or 4 days a week working out, this is sufficient no matter what your
goals are.
Maintain a reasonable diet.
You could consult with a professional to get an excellent eating plan to match
your goals and gym
activities. They will evaluate you based on your needs, and recommend a diet
A good diet should have nutrients from all the food groups.
This is made up by 3 basic groups.
The first is carbohydrates. The energy source. The food that a person consumes
should have vitamins, minerals and some fibre. A lot of this comes from oats,