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The Ten Commandments to Live
To live a healthy life is similar to God's Ten Commandments prescribe for holy
living. The individual has the choice to obey them and enjoy holy happy living, or
they can ignore them and perish. The Ten Commandments to live healthy is also
a choice you can make by following them and enjoy vibrant, healthy happy life, or
ignore them and live sick, unhappy miserable all your life. Healthy living is a
choice, your choice.
Nutrients: Thou shall consume into thy body only foods that are produced by
plants to live healthy, and forbid everything that is produced in a plant. The first
plant is a living organism that is God-made, but the second plant is a building
that is man-made.
The first plant produce living phytonutrients with potent antioxidants
compounds in the form of vitamins and minerals that protect body cells from the
damaging effects of Free Radicals. Free Radicals are by-products of oxidative
damages to the cells of the body, as a natural result of metabolism, or from our
unhealthy lifestyle of fry foods, smoking and other poisons we put in our body.
Free Radicals also come from the polluted environment, and the damage to the
cells is associated with an increased risk of many chronic lifestyle diseases.
Antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotenes and vitamin E reduce the damage
caused by these radicals.
Balanced Diet: Thou shall have a balanced diet every day and live healthy. Yield
not to the temptation to eat your meal up-side-down. For thy health sake, eat
your heaviest meals between breakfast and lunch. Dinner and supper should be
lighter than the others.
Modern day eating is putting 1 in every 3 persons at risk of developing cancer at
some time in their lives. Eating a balanced diet daily should consist of the
following: seven to nine servings of. whole grains; five to seven servings of fruits
and vegetables; three to five servings of protein and one to three servings of fats
and sugars.
A serving is half of a measuring cup, or one of those small party plates. Eating the
right way can turn back the hands of time, and change the way you think, look
and feel. But even more important, can reverse the age-related macular
degeneration of the body.
Rest: Thou shall get quality and quantity sleep to live healthy. Get enough to
refresh and rejuvenate your body. Studies have shown that when people get less
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