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I meant to have something shut away, and behind a big stone; and God says: ―roll
away the stone" - you don't want to go there. I mean its death there. It's ugly there.
It's painful there; but when you actually roll it away, and look at a photograph, and
think: actually this is a person.
Her name was Josephine. I thought: that's kind of a bit of a religious name; and the
Lord reminded me about how Joseph was: separated from all his brethren; and
came back and had a reunion.
It was quite a big thing to actually face reality, when you've been living in denial for
18 years; but we had to really roll away the stone, remove the covering. Then you
feel incredibly vulnerable and fragile, and dependent on God.
That's actually just what He wants us to do, when we let go whatever we hid behind.
They had fig leaves in Genesis; but they had to actually take those fig leaves off, to
receive the covering of skin; and the provision of what Jesus Christ had done on the
cross. For me that was quite a vulnerable stage too.
[Mike Connell] So again the issue of humility came in. We had to face the issues in
our personal life. We put matters right with one another, and realised that all our lives
there'd been this deep hurt. To come and actually admit it... the Lord spoke to me,
and clearly He said: you need to put this matter right.
I had to put it right with Joy; I had to go to her father, and put it right with her father.
We had to actually come clean about what we had done, which was wrong; and
when you do that, when you position yourself the way God says - He provides
blessing for you. He provides grace.
[Joy Connell] Yeah, I remember my parents - I invited them up. I said: ―there's
something I want to talk to you about..." I took the two of them out to the Old Flame,
which is the best restaurant I could think of, and sat them down.
I just had to deeply apologise for my secrecy, what I'd hidden from them; and asked
their forgiveness for what we had covered at that time, because...
[Mike Connell] That's actually honouring them, by putting right what was wrong.
Where there'd been dishonour, there had to be honour restored - and that made
such a difference.
[Joy Connell] Then we wrote to Josephine, and we apologised to her. We both
apologised for the rejection, and the effect it had on her life; and asked her
Then we decided to make her very welcome. We invited her to come and stay - and
that again was a miracle. She was half way through dentistry school. She's a Dentist
in Whakatane, and at that stage, she was ha lf way through dentistry training in
Dunedin, and she was going back to do a summer school paper; so we invited her to
stay after that paper.