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Appendix C: Bibliography
The Haydn literature is almost entirely Continental. With the exceptions of Pohl's article
in Grove's "Dictionary of Music" and Miss Townsend's "Haydn," nothing of real
importance has appeared in English. The following list does not profess to be complete. It
seems futile in a book of this kind to refer amateurs and students to foreign works, many
of which are out of print and others generally inaccessible. For the benefit of English
readers the English works have been placed first and apart from the Continental. It has
not been thought necessary to follow Pohl in giving a separate list of German and other
Continental critiques. His plan of citing works in the order of their publication has,
however, been adopted as being perhaps preferable to an alphabetical order of writers.
"History of Music," Vol. IV. Burney London, 1789
"Reminiscences," Vol. I, p. 190 Michael Kelly London, 1826
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2 vols.
"Letters of Distinguished Musicians." ... London, 1867
Translated from the German by Lady
Wallace. Haydn's Letters, pp. 71-204,
with portrait
"Musical Composers and their Works" Sarah Tytler London, 1875
--Haydn, pp. 57-75
"Music and Morals"--Haydn, Haweis London, 1876
pp. 241-263