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Appendix B: Catalogue Of Works
There are unusual difficulties in the way of compiling a thoroughly satisfactory catalogue
of Haydn's instrumental works. From the want of any generally-accepted consecutive
numbering, and the fact that several are in the same key, this is particularly the case with
the symphonies. Different editions have different numberings, and the confusion is
increased by a further re-numbering of the piano symphonic scores arranged for two and
four hands. In Breitkopf & Hartel's catalogue many works are included among the
symphonies which are also found among the smaller compositions, and others are
catalogued twice. Even the composer himself, in compiling his thematic catalogue, made
mistakes. In the present list we have been content for the most part to state the numbers
of the various instrumental works, without attempting to notify each individual
composition. Indeed, to do otherwise would have called for an extensive use of music
type. Nor have we thought it necessary to include the supposititious and doubtful works,
for which Pohl's list may be consulted.
125 symphonies, including overtures to operas and plays. Of these 94 are published in
parts, 40 in score; 29 remain in MS. About 40 have been arranged for pianoforte 2 hands,
60 for 4 hands, 10 for 8 hands.
Pohl gives a thematic list of the 12 symphonies composed for Salomon, numbered in the
order of their occurrence in the catalogue of the London Philharmonic Society. These
"The Surprise" G major 1791
"The Clock," referring D minor 1794
to the Andante
"The Military" G major 1794
Other symphonies known by their titles are: